While you're able to get a deal for $320 for the PS4 Slim 1TB, you're able to get a complete starter bundle of the Xbox One S for $250 — coming with over 3 months of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Passes. Visit Camden's website to see his full portfolio, including features, podcasts, and videos. Next: Xbox Series X: Holiday 2020'S Xbox Scarlett Has Been Revealed. Meanwhile, Microsoft spent a lot of time fumbling around and pushing the "extras" like the Kinect (which they shoved down everyone's throat for a while until it ultimately dawned on them that people didn't want to be forced to use a camera). While he, of course, loves video games, he finds the people who make and play them even more interesting. It quickly gained popularity and has since earned more than 17 million views, making it the fifth most-viewed video on PlayStation's YouTube channel and more popular than any video on Xbox's (besides a Minecraft update trailer).

$19 at Amazon, The Last Guardian: Play as a young boy as he takes his first steps into a mystical land, accompanied by a large, fantastical beast named Trico and forge a friendship like no other.

You'll take the role of Joel,

However, Microsoft still needs to step up its game. But the Xbox One X has more than a fair amount of great deals at a good price too. With multiple choices, whether you'll manage to do just that or not, depends entirely on you. Expect the battle to heat up when Sony and Microsoft pitch their new respective consoles at upcoming conferences like Gamescom, E3, and PAX.

Of course, if you just want the PS4 slim without the need for the added features of the PS4 Pro, then the PS4 Slim bundle with Marvel's Spider-Man is also a catch for $320. But it isn't just himself he has to look after, his son, Atreus, is also part of this enchanting, but violent, journey. If you're the kind of person that doesn't really like multiplayer games, nor free games, then there's no real need for you to subscribe to either Sony's or Microsoft's subscription services. Recently, the PS4 earned the honor of becoming the second-best-selling console of all time. You'll also be able to raid other player's ships, and create a legend of your own. Unlike the previous cycle, Microsoft has been extremely shy in divulging any official hardware figures for the Xbox One after its first year or so on the market. $20 at Amazon, Halo 5: Guardians: In this new, sci-fi adventure, you're tasked with finding the Master Chief that's gone missing, as well saving the entire galaxy from ruin. Of course, the same can be said for the PS4.

And what did Sony do so right? But will you be the hero of the city, or something much darker? PlayStation VR, another feature from Sony, is also huge and is slowly, but surely, earning more than its fair share of audience at a rate that the Xbox One seems to be struggling behind in. There is also extensive multiplayer, as well as events like the Arena where you'll be able to participate in competitive 4v4 combat. Publishers could opt out of the used game sale restrictions, but the move was generally seen as an anti-consumer insult to Xbox's fans. Do you like exclusive games? The was no info on the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X sales. PS4 vs Xbox One: The Price The original Xbox One has been discontinued since 2017, but that hasn't stopped the Xbox One S from being pretty cheap all the same. Camden Jones is a gaming features editor and staff writer for Screen Rant. $32 at Amazon, Cuphead: Step back into the 1930s with Cuphead's original art and music, as you (and your friend, if you so choose to play co-op) play the character of Cuphead or Mugman.

And we've collected our favorite options. In fact, the only system that has outsold the Playstation 4 is the Playstation 2, which still has an over 50-million lead on the current Playstation system.

Sony's viral PlayStation 4 "Used Game Instructional Video" may not be solely responsible for the console's victory over Xbox One, but it was the final blow in a generation-starting defeat that left Microsoft in recovery mode for years.

First, there was the price. The PlayStation 4 has vastly outsold the Xbox One in the current console generation.

Industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls told GamesIndustry.biz that he expects Sony to continue to dominate in the next console generation, in large part because backwards compatibility offers an incentive for gamers to stick with the brand they currently own: "I expect PS5 to outsell Xbox Series X in 2020, but for both platforms to sell more consoles at launch than both the PS4 and Xbox One did back in 2013. From avocado halves to hoppy bunnies, costumes speak to every child's unique spirit. Next: What The Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Demo Tells Us About The PS5's Power. Perhaps the biggest disappointment of Microsoft's Xbox One announcements was the news that it would restrict the sale of used games and implement a complicated game sharing system, preventing users from freely playing games whose licenses were owned by the original buyer. Here are some of the best. $23 at Amazon, Quantum Break: Time has managed to break in two, and it's up to you as Jack Joyce, to pick up the many pieces. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. It isn't exactly difficult to find good, well-priced bundles of the two consoles that won't leave you breaking your bank account in the process.

On top of that, there was the Xbox One's identity crisis. Here's why - and why the trend is likely to continue.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. That said, there is a huge difference of price between the Xbox One S and the PS4 Slim, the more regular consoles of the bunch. The PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One by 412,474 units. Of course, a lot could still change between now and late 2020, when both consoles are expected to release. Microsoft's Xbox One X reportedly sold 80,000 units during its first week on sale in the UK, compared to a reported 50,000 for the PS4 Pro. Whether you want to encourage fitness, track your child's location, or just provide a fun new gadget to play with, the smartwatches on this list are built with kids in mind. It announced the system would cost $499 at launch - a price point most were hoping the new consoles wouldn't hit - and concerned fans with talk of an always-online ecosystem.

Many gamers found it difficult to justify the premium on the Xbox One, which sold for $499 at launch. PS4 Vs Xbox - Which Control Versions Run The Best? For example, a PS4 Pro 1TB console bundle that comes with Red Dead Redemption 2, can be yours at only $399. Sony, on the other hand, offered a more powerful system and a promise to produce great games rather than reinvent the living room. That's right -- more than the Xbox One. Compare this to the PS4's $399 and add it to Sony's at the time already-established reputation among gamers, and the price alone was enough to keep many from buying the Xbox One. Step in Delsin Rowe, PlayStation 4 handily beat the Xbox One sales in the eighth console generation, partially with the help of Sony's famous used game sharing diss video. Microsoft may have "won" with innovative features like Game Pass and Backwards Compatability, but these and others were poorly-executed and poorly-communicated. Again, to make things much more simpler to process, we've created a table for you to see the differences between all four consoles for yourself. But, what can these consoles offer you if you're not bothered about anything to do with that, and are just purchasing the console as a gift? These are the top 5 exclusive games for both consoles, where we've decided to include their price as well. Xbox Series X: Holiday 2020'S Xbox Scarlett Has Been Revealed, Pokémon Crown Tundra: Which Legendary Galarian Bird Is Best, How to Level Up Season 7 Battle Pass in Apex Legends (The Fast Way), Every Xtravaganza Week 2 Challenge in Fortnite Season 4, Jurassic World Evolution Review: Even Rougher Than Before, Twitch Bans FaZe Cizzorz In Unstoppable Wave Of Partner DMCA Takedowns, Why BoJack Horseman & Sin City Fans Will Love Chicken Police, Where You Know Simon Krieger's Voice From In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, How Two Special Moves Changed Fighting Games Forever, All Gen 1 & 2 Pokémon Drawn From Memory Is Equally Impressive & Hilarious. Sony saw how successful Microsoft's backwards compatibility feature was and plans to offer its own for the PS5, and has also stepped up its game with 4K and Blu-Ray. $15 at Amazon. Let the fanboy flow through you. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Both the Xbox One and PS4 have a pretty solid foundation for those who want to use the console outside of gaming. $30 at Amazon, The Last of Us: Remastered: The zombie apocalypse has never made you want to cry more. You'll make your way through strange, new worlds and encounter incredibly powerful enemies along the way. However, the Xbox One does have more options. The Galaxy S20 Ultra supports up to 100X zoom, which Samsung calls Space Zoom, but is it any good? So, what went wrong for Microsoft?

PS4 versus Xbox One S is a fight that's lasted longer than it should have, especially as the answer to this question is dependent on who you are and what you value the most in your consoles. $23 at Amazon, Sea of Thieves: Sail the high seas with your friends in this fantastical world of unspoiled islands and mystical beasts, all to find yourselves the owners of some new, hard-won booty. One new factor for this upcoming generation is the impact of backwards compatibility on brand loyalty and audience transition. Meanwhile, Microsoft seems to have learned from its previous missteps and has brought the focus back to gaming. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

This battle may be won, but the war isn't over. The price of the console is one thing, but the subscription price can often be a deal breaker. We've got our Galaxy S20 Ultra already so join us to find out!

Sony's PSVR. But PS4 has sold 20.2 mil. For example, while both are able to play Blu-ray DVDs with no trouble as long as they are from the correct region, though it is only the Xbox One that supports Dolby Atmos (perfect for home cinema) and 4K Blu-rays. In Bloodborne, you play as a hunter in the city of Yharnam where you'll face your fears, as well as the monsters that inhabit the streets of the city. The famous PS4 game sharing tutorial served a colossal diss to Microsoft's already flailing Xbox One reveal, putting PlayStation firmly in first place. If you're a sales number geek, you've probably noticed a massive disparity between PS4 and Xbox One sales. How to Set-Up Online Streaming on Xbox Series X/S, Borderlands 3: Every Active SHiFT Code For November 2020, PS5 Remote Play App Will Allow PS4 Players To Stream Next-Gen Games, Assassin's Creed Valhalla Review Round-Up: Great, But Buggy, Ocarina Of Time's Infamous Water Temple Is Actually Its Best Dungeon, Mortal Shell: How to Get Etherial Diapason, PS5 Console Sharing & Offline Play Is How You Can Share Games For Free.


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