However, the new Progressive Coalition (now the Progressive Party) started by former Alliance leader Jim Anderton won two seats, and remained allied with Labour. As a result, she was removed from the party list.

Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Election Result.

These elections were the first to be held following redistricting in apportionment according to the 2000 United States Census. National gained second place in only one Maori electorate, with Labour's main rivals being the Mana Maori Movement, the Greens, and the Alliance. The loss of Otago electorate, a rural area, was one notable example. The Prime Minister, Helen Clark, claimed that an early poll was necessary due to the collapse of her junior coalition partner, the Alliance.

Republicans won unified control of Congress. Of the candidates, 433 were electorate and list, 160 were electorate only, and 90 were list only.

Labour also dominated in the seven Maori seats. Labour's former coalition partner, the Alliance (which had splintered shortly before the election), was not returned to parliament.

and state judicial branch offices (seats on state Supreme Courts and, in some states, state appellate courts).

Thus the balance of power (excluding non-state entities) would be changed from 27-21 Republican majority to 26-24 Republican Majority. List of legislative assembly constituencies

Labour dominated the urban areas, where it has traditionally been strongest, while National performed best in rural areas.

It governed in coalition with the smaller (and more left-wing) Alliance, which had 10 seats. It also relied on support from the Greens, but this was a largely informal arrangement, and the Greens were not a part of the administration itself. During the 2002 House elections, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives plus five of the six non-voting Delegates from non-state districts were up for election that year. However, this still left Labour needing support in matters of confidence and supply, as the two parties together fell short of an absolute majority. In the gubernatorial elections, Democrats won a net gain of one seat. ACT New Zealand, National's more right-wing neighbour, failed to capitalise on the exodus of National supporters, retaining the same number of seats as before. In 2002, the seats of the Legislatures of forty-six states and five non-state entities were up for election.

Of the minor parties, only three managed to win electorates, mostly due to the strong personal following of the incumbents. However, it emerged that Chal was not actually eligible to stand for election, as she was not a New Zealand citizen.

Many opinion polls for the election indicated that Labour was popular enough to conceivably win an absolute majority, leaving it able to govern without the support of smaller parties.

The National Party, once referred to as "the natural party of government", suffered its worst-ever electoral defeat, gaining only 21% of the vote. The elections were held just a little under fourteen months after the September 11 attacks.

The book examined how the government handled the contamination of a shipment of imported corn with genetically modified seeds. During the 2002 House elections, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives plus five of the six non-voting Delegates from non-state districts were up for election that year.

United Future leader Peter Dunne retained his strong support in the Wellington electorate of Ohariu-Belmont, while New Zealand First leader Winston Peters retained Tauranga. However, only 77% of these registered voters chose to cast a vote, a considerable drop from previous elections. This represents the only time in U.S. history that the president's party gained control of a chamber of Congress in a mid-term election.

Republicans gained one seat in the regularly-scheduled elections and gained another seat in a special election. Helen Clark called the Greens "goths and anarcho-feminists" during the campaign.

These party list members later entered parliament in the term as other list MPs elected resigned from parliament. There were 2,670,030 registered voters, the highest number for any election in New Zealand.

Newly elected: 3 (including a former electorate MP), This page was last edited on 11 November 2020, at 09:27. The release of Nicky Hager's book Seeds of Distrust prior to the election also sparked much debate. You might also be able to find candidate listings on your local city or township clerk's website.

Some commentators have claimed that the tension between Labour and the Greens on this issue was a more notable part of the campaign than any tension between Labour and its traditional right-wing opponents. Following the elections, Republicans sustained a net loss of one state governorship (but did gain the governorship of the territory of Guam), Democrats gained an overall net gain of three state governorships and held on to all other territorial governorships and the Mayorship of the District of Columbia, and there would be no governorships held by Independents or third parties. Nationwide, there were some cities, counties, school boards, special districts and others that elected members in 2002. List of electorates in the 2002 New Zealand general election by party vote, Party lists in the 2002 New Zealand general election, "John Key, modest constitutional innovator", "2002 GENERAL ELECTION - OFFICIAL RESULTS AND STATISTICS", "Official Count Results -- Electorate Status", "Strong family support network promises to keep new Waimakariri mayor in check", "Party Lists of Successful Registered Parties", "Party Lists of Unsuccessful Registered Parties",, Use New Zealand English from September 2017, All Wikipedia articles written in New Zealand English, Pages using infobox election with unknown parameters, Pages using bar box without float left or float right, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Labour and the Progressives remained in power, with support in confidence and supply votes from United Future. Thus, the elections were heavily overshadowed by the War on Terror, the impending Iraq War, the early 2000s recession, and the sudden death of Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota about one week before the election. Republicans picked up eight seats in the House of Representatives, marking the fourth time since the American Civil War that the president's party picked up seats in the House (the others being 1902, 1934, and 1998) during a mid-term election. In the election 683 candidates stood, and there were 14 registered parties with party lists. Once the final distribution of seats was determined, it was clear that Labour would be at the centre of the government, and that it would be allied with the Progressives. The other was United Future New Zealand party, a centrist party based on a merger of the United Party and the Future New Zealand party - primarily due to the performance of leader Peter Dunne, the party shot from having one seat to having eight seats. A minor reconfiguration of electorates and their boundaries occurred between the 1999 and 2002 elections. A controversial issue in the election campaign was the end of a moratorium on genetic engineering, strongly opposed by the Green Party.


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