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Bosses spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the spy creatures, making sure they looked, sounded and moved so realistically they would fool the real wildlife. The BBC One show sees 36 robot animals film a close-up view of wildlife in incredible TV safari with baby gorilla, sea turtles, jaguars, humming birds and more. John Downer says: “The sequence is extraordinary.

“The latest camera technology allowed better-stabilized shots, with higher res and aerial technology, which allowed us to explore an array of aerial spies,” Williams said. RP: The crocodile sequence when we finally went into the mouth was quite a monumental moment. Spy Gorilla will not be welcomed to this close-knit family without his approval. Malcom Beard and Huw Williams with Spy Mobula Ray.

They did accept him in the end to the point where they picked him up, which was great. We have to turn to one of our roboticists who are either based in Japan or Switzerland. That would have been very cute but it would have been very complicated. The tortoise, they leant on it and completely pancaked it. This robotic wild dog puppy is equipped with a camera in his eye. Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka in the field with Matthew Gordon and cameraman Richard Jones.

“It would be great to be able to interact with an animal that somehow illuminates to us as humans their intelligence and their ability to communicate through their language. “Yvon picked up on the fact that if you take the human out of the equation and use the spy creature technology to get in close, you can get really good results,” Dalton said. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, EU summit on 19 November seen as deadline for draft Brexit deal. In addition to educating and inspiring the next generation with their wildlife programs, the Spy in the Wild characters have been a source of environmental optimism. We had to go back three times, but we finally managed to put together the pieces for the sequence. “For the gorillas, the eyes were extremely important,” Gordon said. When everyone agrees, this is very doable, this is very possible (that's when we talk about building a spy creature). Then it sort of led us to do another spy series which was called "Dolphins: Spy in the Pod." Then there was "Elephants: Spy in the Herd" and "Bears: Spy in the Woods." To help cover the action, Spy Turtle  laid a clutch of eggs containing their own spy cameras, as the ravenous vultures lay in wait for a hearty meal.

Photo courtesy of John Downer Productions. Executive producer John Downer said: “There’s this strange thing where the animals understand that the spy creature is like them, but know it’s a little bit different. I am loving this PBS show “spy in the wild” featuring robotic spy animals dropped in the wild.

Elephants are highly sensitive animals and they're incredibly smart. Utilizing the latest technology also helped the Spy in the Wild 2 team ensure that their spy creatures were able to document even more than the first season, according to series producer, Huw Williams. When he accommodated this stranger, the rest of the group went on to take a closer look at the spy gorilla.”. That is when they relax and the spy becomes very much part of the scenery. And it plays havoc with the devices—heat has been a big problem for us. A baby gorilla, a sea turtle, jaguar, humming bird and pygmy elephant were among the animatronic creatures used in the second series of Spy in the Wild.

Giving you the feeling that you are actually there as opposed to being a passive observer.

There has been a lot of discussion in my household regarding the cost to research, design, make, and operate these robotic animals. Rewire: When you're filming in the wild, how do you know to be in the right place at the right time to capture the perfect moment? We were there for three weeks. We then take the advice of over 20 scientific advisors we've used on this series on what they think is possible. A walking and swimming Spy Crocodile finds the nest site of a real crocodile and reveals the extraordinary relationship they have with the tiny dikkop bird, who will not only stand up to the crocodile but joins them in a neighbourhood watch scheme against marauding monitor lizards. BBC Spy in the Wild captures wildlife magic after hiding secret cameras in robot animals. The final test: the mighty silverback stares into the animatronic eyes of Spy Gorilla. RP: No, as far as the elephants with the egret, they would go right near it, and no one would bat an eyelid.

“The reaction of the animals to our spies does vary depending on the type of animal we are filming,” Dalton said. But after the robot averts its eyes and holds out a hand, he is accepted into the troop in Uganda. A troop of mountain gorillas assessing Spy Gorilla.

I do not quite know how we would do it, but we have got a few ideas.

As far as producers and directors, we're all biologists, I'm a zoologist—we're beyond filmmakers, we're very much animal people first and foremost. RP: The first-ever spy creature was the meerkat and that took three or four months. There are a lot of tourists who go along on riverboat tours (so) he crocodiles are relatively habituated to people. These undercover spy cameras are also able to capture intimate moments that wildlife filmmakers would not be able to acquire through traditional long lens filming techniques, according to Dalton. “Scientists do not generally speak about the disturbance they cause,” Dr.

So in a few years' time there will be a follow-up series that will see the spy creatures being even more complicated, even more involved, flying higher, running faster, digging deeper and getting closer to animals than ever before.


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