The dental home provides an opportunity to implement individualized preventive oral health practices and reduces the child’s risk of preventable dental/oral disease. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. From the first visit here, Dr. Mak noted her special needs on her chart, and he and the staff took great care of her like they do with the rest of their patients!”, “Today was my 3 year old son’s first appointment. Pediatrics 2007;119(6):1175-80. Guideline on dental management of heritable dental developmental anomalies. Grant #MCJ-425074. Pediatr Dent 2016;38(special issue):343-50. Annu Rev Public Health 1995;16:447-72.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. My son is 3 with many special needs and this place made him feel as comfortable as possible.

Although the oral manifestations are intrinsic to the genetic and congenital disorders, medical health benefits often do not provide for related professional oral health care. The team of dental professionals should develop an individualized oral hygiene program that takes into account the unique disability of the patient. This would include anticipatory guidance about risk of trauma (e.g., with seizure disorders or motor skills/coordination deficits), mouthguard fabrication, and what to do if dentoalveolar trauma occurs.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f098ac3bd4a1691 I have 2 boys with autism and they love going to the dentist and feel so comfortable. Symposium on lifetime oral health care for patients with special needs. Newacheck PW, McManus M, Fox HB, Hung YY, Halfon N. Access to health care for children with special health care needs. Along with the child’s name, age, and chief complaint, the receptionist should determine the presence and nature of any SHCN and, when appropriate, the name(s) of the child’s medical care provider(s). Some pediatric hospitals require dentists to be board certified, thus making it difficult for general dentists to obtain hospital privileges. Dent Clin North Am 2009;53(2):351-7, xi. When scheduling patients with SHCN, it is imperative that the dentist be familiar and comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and AwDA regulations applicable to dental practices.32  HIPAA insures that the patient’s privacy is protected and AwDA prevents discrimination on the basis of a disability. Toothbrushes can be modified to enable individuals with physical disabilities to brush their own teeth. Brushing with a fluoridated dentifrice twice daily should be emphasized to help prevent caries and gingivitis. An update for the practicing dentist. Parameters for evaluation and treatment of patients with cleft lip/palate or other craniofacial anomalies. We want to make your child's dental experience fun! Referrals A patient may suffer progression of his/her oral disease if treatment is not provided because of age, behavior, inability to cooperate, disability, or medical status. Accessed July 15, 2016.

Kenny MK. Policy on third-party reimbursement for oral health care services related to congenital orofacial anomalies. Our Pediatric Dentists Are Specialized For Your Child. Ambul Pediatr 2006;6(4):204-9.

Pediatr Dent 2016;38(special issue):57-9. Informed consent All patients must be able to provide signed informed consent for dental treatment or have someone present who legally can provide this service for them.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Dental home Patients with SHCN who have a dental home33 are more likely to receive appropriate preventive and routine care. Information regarding the chief complaint, history of present illness, medical conditions and/ or illnesses, medical care providers, hospitalizations/ surgeries, anesthetic experiences, current medications, allergies/ sensitivities, immunization status, review of systems, family and social histories, and thorough dental history should be obtained.35  As many children with SHCN may have sensory issues that can make the dental experience challenging, the dentist should include such considerations during the history intake and be prepared to modify the traditional delivery of dental care to address the child’s unique needs. Pediatric hospitals, by imposing age restrictions, can create another barrier to care for these patients.

Before a treatment plan can be developed and presented to the patient and/or caregiver, information regarding medical, physical, psychological, social, behavioral, and dental histories must be gathered37 and clinical examination and any additional diagnostic procedures completed. The future of health insurance for children with special health care needs. Dent Clin North Am 2009;53(2):195-205, vii-viii.

Our patients can conveniently be scheduled for appointments at Children’s Hospital and St. John Macomb through the hospital coordinator in our Clinton Township office when this is indicated. Our motto is to provide special care for ALL people that seek our care for their dental needs, no matter their race, background, or any other contributing health factor. Recommendations on the management of dental patients with SHCN were developed by the Council on Clinical Affairs and adopted in 2004.

Some of our patients require extra special dental care in a private room or hospital setting. An search was conducted via PubMed®/MEDLINE using the terms: special needs, disability, disabled patients/persons/children, handicapped patients, dentistry, dental care, and oral health; fields: all; limits: within the last 10 years, human, English, and clinical trials. Recent medical attention for illness or injury, newly diagnosed medical conditions, and changes in medications should be documented.

Special Needs – Pediatric Dentistry. J Dent Educ 2004;68(1):23-8.

The oral health of special needs children: Dentistry’s challenge to provide care. Available at: “”.

Oral health of patients with intellectual disabilities: A systematic review. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Policy on dietary recommendations for infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatr Dent 2016;38(special issue):50-1. Accessed July 15, 2016. Dr Mak was awesome as well. When patients with SHCN reach adulthood, their oral health care needs may extend beyond the scope of the pediatric dentist’s training. Patients with special health care needs in pediatric dental practices.

Available at: “”.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Oral health in America: A report of the Surgeon General. Patients with developmental or acquired orofacial conditions The oral health care needs of patients with developmental oracquired orofacial conditions necessitate special considerations. Additionally, children with SHCN are more likely to be victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect when compared to children without disabilities.44  Craniofacial, head, face, and neck injuries occur in more than half of the cases of child abuse.45  Because of this incidence, dentists need to be aware of signs of abuse and mandated reporting procedures.44,45, Barriers Dentists should be familiar with community-based resources for patients with SHCN and encourage such assistance when appropriate. Outpatient surgery centers and in office general anesthesia may be alternatives, although they may not be appropriate to treat patients with special needs due to medical complexity.26, Transitioning to a dentist who is knowledgeable and comfortable with adult oral health care needs often is difficult due to a lack of trained providers willing to accept the responsibility of caring for SHCN patients.27,28  It should be noted that the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association introduced an accreditation standard requiring dental schools to ensure that curricular efforts are focused on educating their students on how to assess treatment needs of patients with SHCN.29,30, Scheduling appointments The parent’s/patient’s initial contact with the dental practice allows both parties an opportunity to address the child’s primary oral health needs and to confirm the appropriateness of scheduling an appointment with that particular practitioner. The distinction made by third party payors between congenital anomalies involving the orofacial complex and those involving other parts of the body is often arbitrary and without merit.48  For children with hereditary hypodontia and/or oligodontia, removable or fixed prostheses (including complete dentures or over-dentures) and/ or implants may be indicated.49  Dentists should work with the insurance industry to recognize the medical indication and justification for such treatment in these cases. We welcome children with special needs, and their special families, into our practice.

Pediatr Dent 2007;29(2):92-152. Policy on transitioning from a pediatric-centered to an adult-centered dental home for individuals with special health care needs. Pediatric special needs dentistry is a branch of dentistry that treats children with physical, emotional, developmental, cognitive, or mental impairment, as well as those affected by an orofacial disorder or condition.

586-286-0700 39400 Garfield Rd #200 Facilitating the transition of patients with special health care needs from pediatric to adult oral health care, J Am Dent Assoc 2010;141(11):1351-6. Your IP: Guideline on caries-risk assessment and management for infants, children and adolescents. The condition may be congenital, developmental, or acquired through disease, trauma, or environmental cause and may impose limitations in performing daily self-maintenance activities or substantial limitations in a major life activity. Coordinating delivery of services by the various health care providers can be crucial to successful treatment outcomes. U.S. Department of Justice. Pediatr Dent 2016;38(special issue):16. My son is Down syndrome they have done a great, great job I highly recommend them I wouldn’t want him go to anyone else. Disability Characteristics.

249-254, AbbreviationsAAPD: American Academy Pediatric DentistryAwDA: Americans with Disabilities ActHIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ActSHCN: Special health care needs. Pediatr Dent 2011;33(1):29-36. Special Needs Pediatric Dentistry in South Carolina. Protective stabilization can be helpful in patients for whom traditional behavior guidance techniques are not adequate.39  When protective stabilization is not feasible or effective, sedation or general anesthesia is the behavioral guidance armamentarium of choice. Comprehensive head, neck, and oral examinations should be completed on all patients. A patient who does not communicate verbally may communicate in a variety of non-traditional ways. This can include children with autism, spinal cord injuries, Down syndrome, anxiety, and other conditions that make standard dental procedures more difficult.

!”, “The staff is amazing!

This presents difficulties for pediatric dentists providing care to adult SHCN patients who have not yet transitioned to adult primary care.

SHCN also includes disorders or conditions which manifest only in the orofacial complex (e.g., amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta, cleft lip/palate, oral cancer).

Our doctors have both the compassion and understanding to accommodate patients that have special needs.

“They work wonderful with my son who is on the Autism Spectrum. Spec Care Dentist 2009;29(1):51-7. Reference Manual Overview: Definition and scope of pediatric dentistry. Patients with special needs are those who due to physical, medical, developmental, or cognitive conditions require special care and consideration when receiving dental treatment.


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