Boonyi became increasingly alienated and depressed in her “liberated captivity” (201), finding solace in drugs and food. However, Boonyi wants more from life than the small village can offer.       Indian Literature Today, ed. As for her heart, she feels that she was, “… tearing it out and breaking it into little bits and throwing it away …” (194). The death of her father leaves India shocked and furious: Blood called out for blood and she wanted the ancient Furies to descend shrieking from the sky and give her father’s unquiet spirit peace. The Swedes won’t dare to offend Islam by giving Rushdie the Nobel Prize he deserves more than any other living writer.

Listening to the Iron Mullah, he realizes that: By crossing the mountains they had passed through a curtain and stood now on the threshold of the world of truth, which was invisible to most men. The innocence of life in the valley gradually transgresses the boundaries of that innocence and simplicity in the name of false hopes and dreams, and is ultimately betrayed in the process. XIV, No.1 Summer 2007, p.92. Kashmira symbolizes this new beginning in her realization and acceptance of her true identity, in her love for Yuvraj, and ultimately in her emerging victorious by executing the hatred and violence of Shalimar.

The knife in his hand that had long been thirsty for revenge ultimately finds its target when Shalimar kills Maximilian Ophuls at the doorstep of his daughter. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this Shalimar the Clown study guide and get instant access to the following:. Shalimar vows revenge, and joins one terrorist group after another, training himself as a killer. As Shalimar enters, knife in hand, India lets the arrow fly. Shalimar the Clown is the story of Maximilian Ophuls, America’s counterterrorism chief, one of the makers of the modern world; his Kashmiri Muslim driver and subsequent killer, a mysterious figure who calls himself Shalimar the clown; Max’s illegitimate daughter India; and a woman who links them, whose revelation finally explains them all.       The Times Literary Supplement, No. A symbol often used as a metaphor for ‘Trans-culturalism’, it is a boundary that separates two worlds or cultures; and here the curtain separates the innocent, beautiful, multicultural and hybrid world of old Kashmir from the violent, betrayed and divided world of the new terror stricken Kashmir. Shalimar the Clown is not a clown, but a Kashmiri man who became a terrorist after the woman he loved left him for an American diplomat. Dhawan, p.155. Happy and contended, the people in the village live their lives in blissful oblivion only to wakeup to the harsh realities of life when insurgency first reared its ugly head in the valley in the form of Kabalis from Pakistan. Post colonialism or Postmodernism is the term of reference that has been used to describe and dissect critically the New Literatures of the world.

(331). “Truth, I am ready for you!” He was a trained performer, a leading actor in the leading bhand pather troupe in the valley, and so of course he could make his gestures more convincing, (267-8), Mindanao, a Filipino Muslim in the group however, sees through Shalimar’s pretence when he says, “I see through you like window. Dazzling.

Boonyi wants to name the daughter Kashmira, but Max's wife intervenes, takes the child, and names her India.

“The village of Pachigam still existed on maps of Kashmir, but that day it ceased to exist anywhere else, except in memory.” (309). be reproduced without prior written permission of the copyright holder, A Triology of Innocence, Betrayal and New Beginning, Post colonialism or Postmodernism is the term of reference that has been used to describe and dissect critically the New Literatures of the world. Pachigam, a small village in Kashmir situated in the serene surroundings besides the river Muskadoon, is a quiet, peaceful village. (372). Her presence is an indication by the author that Kashmir will not be lost; it will emerge from the darkness into the light of true freedom and hope for all its people, a new life.

Marco Roth, 19. . “Self-creation in times of conflict, one of Rushdie’s themes …” (Roth, 2005:19) is represented through all the main characters who undergo and grow as per the changes in circumstances. . Post colonialism is but a legacy of our colonial past, a legacy of the subjugation and dominance of the colonized by the colonizer that gave way to de-colonization after the Second World War. In his latest novel, Shalimar the Clown (Rushdie, 2005), he voices this concept of a borderless world and its implications: Everywhere was now a part of everywhere else.

In fact the novel: Shalimar looks to several beginnings: reflecting on what has been lost in Kashmir; it also looks forward to a time when the words Muslim and Hindu will once more be merely “descriptions” rather than “divisions.” (Cowley, 2005:27). Shalimar after finally reaching America moves closer to his target by getting employed as Ophuls’s driver. . of Shalimar the Clown, Shalimar and Boonyi’s love blooms in the beautiful and pristine environs of the Kashmir valley hidden from the eyes of their elders. No doubt, “Metamorphosis was the secret heart of life.” (56), but the metamorphosis that occurs in the novel almost but extinguishes the very life, giving place to death instead. So the story that began in a small remote village of Kashmir progresses to cross half the globe to reach to its climax in America. 12. Claustrophobia grips her, and she realizes rather too late that she wants to escape. 9. A pioneer in the field of Indian English Diasporic Literature, Rushdie’s fiction accurately portrays the complex and confusing postcolonial, postmodern world.

. .

The SPIEL Journal of English Studies, Vol.1 No.2 July 2005, p.1. Unlock This Study Guide Now. Shalimar the Clown is a powerful parable about the willing and unwilling subversion of multiculturalism.” —Publishers Weekly, “Dazzling . There were collisions and explosions. 1. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser. G. Rai, 'Postcolonialism: Its Meaning and Significance'.

Like Ila of The Shadow Lines, a novel by Amitav Ghosh, Boonyi, “… desires freedom from a middle class [rustic] orthodoxy, but she discovers that the free world she had tried to build for herself was not free from the squalor of betrayal.”(James: 155) Boonyi’s disastrous flirtation with desire led to an avalanche of catastrophe not only in her life but also in the lives of the people related to her. Salman Rushdie’s 2005 novel Shalimar the Clown picks up some of the same themes that he has been working with throughout his critically acclaimed career. and for its devastating portrait of the destruction of Kashmir.” —The Globe and Mail, “[Shalimar the Clown] is that rare highwire act, a literary thriller. Increasing influence of alien presence on the Kashmiri landscape slowly starts corroding and degrading the values of the valley, the ‘Kashmiriyat’. Leaving his life and family, Shalimar joins the extremists pretending to believe in their cause, but all the while preparing himself for the ultimate aim of his life, to kill Maximilian Ophuls. It was hers. The fury unleashed by their combined powers creates only havoc and destruction wherever they exist. (Roth, 2005:19). Not only Shalimar, but also the other main characters of the novel are highly symbolical, for Rushdie believes that history and the individual, “… interpenetrate and that is how the writer needs to examine them, the one in the context of the other.” (Rushdie, 1984:57). A postmodern novelist that he is, Rushdie reflects the rebellion from conventionality. Kashmira embodies the emergence of a new beginning from the chaos and turmoil of betrayal to the arrival of a bright new dawn, full of hope and regeneration. Jason Cowley, p.27. Revenge is an ancient and powerful engine of narrative.” —The New York Times Book Review, “Absorbing . Her desire to excel herself was but a fantasy lived in the shadow of the glamour and glitter of elite society, which was bound to shatter hopelessly one day. A long flashback shows how Shalimar grew up in a small village in the Kashmir region of India. Injustice rules.”  —Kirkus Reviews, “The. O. P. Mathur, 'Salman Rushdie's Shalimar the Clown: The Enigma of Terrorism', Everywhere [Rushdie] takes us there is both love and war, in strange and terrifying combinations, painted in swaying, swirling, world-eating prose that annihilates the borders between East and West, love and hate, private lives and the history they make.” —Time, “A vast, richly peopled, beautiful and deeply rageful book that serves as a profound and disturbing artifact of our times.” —San Francisco Chronicle, “Marvelous . Charged with harboring extremists, the village bears the full brunt of the atrocities of the armed forces. The term ‘post colonialism’ is subject to various connotations, however to understand the concept in terms of literary practice it can be referred to as, “… different forms of representations, reading practices and values.” (Rai, 2005:1), Postmodernism is a concept that can be referred to as the direct outcome of this modern Postcolonial world, a world that has been witness to mass migration, cross-cultural encounter and the amalgamation of various cultures, into a hybrid multicultural society.


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