Sahar block had the lowest proportion of villages with telephone service (17.65%) among sub-districts of Bhojpur (where the average was 54.76%). The largest village was Ekwari, with a population of 11,561. Four villagers were killed, and nineteen of the policemen were injured. It belongs to Patna Division . Sahar has a population of 1,10,276 peoples. Click on the Panchayat Name. This percent increase was the lowest among sub-districts in Bhojpur district during this period. The town had pucca roads, which were not connected to national highways, although they were connected to state highways. 217, Local Business in Sahar Block Bhojpur Bihar, Police Stations in Sahar Block Bhojpur Bihar, Hospitals / Clinics in Sahar Block Bhojpur Bihar, Hotels / Dharmshala in Sahar Block Bhojpur Bihar, Petrol Pumps in Sahar Block Bhojpur Bihar, Coaching Institutes / Tuition in Sahar Block Bhojpur Bihar, Cinema Halls / Theatres in Sahar Block Bhojpur, Bihar.

The sub-district contains 51 inhabited villages, including that of Sahar itself, with a total district population of 110,276 as of 2011.

14 had medical facilities, 17 had post offices, 9 had telephone access, 18 had transport communications (bus, rail, or navigable waterways), 8 had banks, 21 had pucca roads, and 3 had electrical power. [2] Sahar was a major center of conflict during the wider Naxalite insurgency in Bhojpur in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s.

According to Census 2011 information the sub-district code of Sahar block is 01434. Total area of Sahar is 119 km². Sahar has a population of 1,10,276 peoples. The village of Sahar has a population of 5,674, in 931 households. Both percentages were somewhat higher than the averages for all of Bhojpur district (23% and 44%, respectively).

They later published a report on their findings, and included a list of proposed reforms for the district's peasants:. * All survey data is based on Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, 2015 ( Open Government Data Platform India. [2], Sahar has a Köppen climate classification of Cwa, indicating a dry-winter humid subtropical climate. Only one village, that of Sahar, had an agricultural credit society. There are about 56 villages in Sahar block, which you can browse from villages list below. A saying of Sahar peasants at the time illustrates the improvement in standard of living at the time: "Sahar Haryana ban gaya hai. The block has 56 villages and there are total 18612 houses in this Block.

There are about 56 villages in Sahar block, which you can browse from villages list below. This was the most even ratio among all sub-districts in Bhojpur (the average ratio was 907). Chauri Amruhan Ekwari Guljarpur Baruhi Karan Dihri Kaulo dihri Dhanchhuhan Andhari Kharawan Chaturbhuj Perhap Sahar It had one each of a pre-primary school, primary school, middle school, secondary school, and senior secondary school, but did not have any form of post-secondary school. [2], The primary means of employment for Sahar block's workers in 2011 was agriculture, with over 80% of the population engaged in some form of agricultural work. Although temperatures fall during these months, the accompanying rise in humidity often makes the heat feel more unpleasant than the raw temperature would otherwise suggest.

The village of Sahar itself lies on the north bank of the Son. Sahar, called "the model block of Bhojpur" by Kalyan Mukherjee and Rajendra Singh Yadav, benefited greatly from this development. 29.03% of workers were cultivators who owned or leased their own land, and 52.39% were agricultural labourers who worked someone else's land for wages. In both Census years, Sahar was classified as an entirely rural sub-district, with no urban centers. [3], The Chauri incident drew media attention to the Naxalite movement in Bhojpur for the first time. Household industry workers constituted 3.32% of Sahar block's workforce, and all other workers made up the remaining 15.26%. Sahar is a Tehsil / Block (CD) in the Bhojpur District of Bihar.

By mid-October, after the end of the rainy season, a cool and pleasant winter begins, and temperatures continue to drop until the end of the calendar year. Additionally, only two villages (Ekwari and Fatehpur) had Internet access in Sahar block in 2011. There are 18,612 houses in the sub-district. [5] January is the coldest month of the year. There was one community healthcare centre in the village, and two practitioners of traditional medicine[disambiguation needed]. Sahar Block - Bhojpur List of all towns and Villages in Sahar Block of Bhojpur district, Bihar. Published under National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP). Corrupt upper-caste Bhumihar landlords would coerce lower-caste women who worked their lands into having sex with them; they also paid insufficient wages to their workers. In the block, 79.77% of men and 53.95% of women could read and write. An armed police posse arrived during the morning to arrest people suspected of stealing grain from a visiting trader. [2], In 2011, the total literacy rate of Sahar block was 67.09%, which was slightly below the Bhojpur district average of 69.16%. The report noted a recalcitrant mood in the surveyed villages of Karbasin and Korandehri and concluded that the movement consisted of lower-caste members retaliating against upper-caste ones for years of exploitation and injustice. Piro City , Arrah City , Jagdispur City , Bikramganj City are the nearby Cities to Sahar. The items included distribution of gairmazarua (common) land among landless peasants, distribution of surplus land according to the Ceilings Act, peaceful resolution of wage disputes, establishment of local industries to supplement incomes for agricultural labourers, lifting of restrictions preventing Harijans from entering temples, and the removal of thanas and police camps from the villages. … The proportion of villages with electricity was 5.88% in Sahar block, which was the second-lowest among sub-districts in Bhojpur, where the average was 42.13%; only Agiaon had a lower proportion of villages with electricity. [4][3], 1975 was the bloodiest year of the Bhojpur insurgency. In Kharaon Chaturbhuj village population of children with age 0-6 is 413 which makes up 16.38 % of total … Results were published in August of that year. Panchayats of Sahar Block, Bhojpur There are 12 Panchayats in Sahar Block . Kharaon Chaturbhuj is a large village located in Sahar Block of Bhojpur district, Bihar with total 355 families residing. [2], The sex ratio of Sahar block in 2011 was 966 females to every 1000 males. [2], In the 1960s, as part of the broader Green Revolution the Intensive Area Development Project targeted Bhojpur district, and particularly the Son Canal, for agricultural development. Home | Contact Us | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. [3], On 6 May 1973, a violent clash broke out between police and local peasants at the village of Chauri, in Sahar block. 36 people were arrested. Of the land under cultivation, 93.53% was irrigated, which was the highest percentage in Bhojpur district. Sahar was a major center of conflict during the wider Naxalite insurgency in Bhojpur in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s.


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