Radio Audience measurement specifically relates to radio listenership. Read More, Nielsen today revealed that radio listening increased for some nationalities throughout the four weeks of Ramadan, accounting for 42% of all radio listening in the second quarter. Identify your clients’ audiences: where they are, how diverse their The RAM services enable the target audiences to plan their advertising and programming decisions thereby creating need based content. Launched in 2007, RAM (Radio Audience Measurement) measures the listenership of radio listeners, advertisers, radio station owners and media agencies. The PPM collects inaudible tones emitted by the radio stations that participants are listening to.

We have met the challenge of measuring radio audiences across different devices and different platforms by delivering approaches to the meet the need of each market.

Radio Audience Measurement is the trading currency buying and selling commercial radio airtime. Fielded an establishment survey involving more than 17,000 face-to-face Sometimes, the term is used as pertaining to practices which help broadcasters and advertisersdetermine who is listening rather than just how many people are listening. and provides independent assurance over the application of the This information is usually obtained from … Icecast, Nicecast, and SHOUTcast are examples of audio streaming servers that can provide listener statistics for audience measurement. same information, and the dual-format diary was a first for Nielsen.

The data from diaries is converted into several types of audience measure,each of which is useful for a different purpose.The main measures are: 1. average audience 2. reach, or cumulative audience 3. share 4. duration 5. impressions 6. frequency - average and distribution 7. loyalty The fourth quarter radio audience measurement covers all listening from 1st October to 31st December 2018. evaluate campaigns that deliver on your clients’ business goals. Nielsen’s UAE Radio Audience Measurement, which measures listenership for 52 radio stations across the country among all individuals aged 10+, also revealed that this growth is seen predominantly in 25-44 year olds and is driven by residents in Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates. population demographics.

information (gender, age, income, household size, etc.)

​Audience measurement measures how many people are in an audience within a given market.

Dubai also remains a very strong radio hub for listening.

listeners use to log their radio consumption. male), a very young listening audience and near 100% smartphone This information is usually obtained from the broadcaster's audio streaming server. [5], StreamAnalyst is a web-based service (SaaS) that generates audience statistics reports for Internet radio and other streamed contents. as much robust attention to granular detail as possible. That’s why we built our methodology with

View our on demand webinar featuring new data and evolving trends in the American family’s media experience. [7], "Arbitron "Arbitron Online Radio Services, " - Your Global Radio Airplay Monitoring Solution...", "CasterStats - Analytics for broadcasters, OTTs and telcos", Icecast Cross-Platform Streaming Media Server,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 14:08. By using various survey and analysis methods they can come up with a fairly accurate estimate of how many people were listening to a radio station during a given time period.

Read More.

Offers reach and frequency analysis, along with detailed listening 200 different nationalities, and expats make up 90% of the population.

RAM In many markets, the qualification of media consumption and audiences is the basis for a form of currency that underpins the industry. data analyses can be exported. DRT Reports provides users with detailed information of when, where and how often songs are being played on the radio as well as what version of the song (vital for remixes and mash ups). Professional services firm PwC audits Nielsen’s UAE RAM. [6], TouchCast, along with numerous other online companies offer commercially downloadable stream analytics software called CasterStats, which allows any broadcaster to measure its internet audience from their streaming server data. penetration. Further complicating matters are a disproportionate gender skew (77% are can highlight the right opportunity for your advertisers—whether it’s a

more complicated in the UAE, which has one of the most diverse Radio Audience measurement specifically relates to radio listenership. media currencies around the world are audited.

across all

Read More, According to Nielsen, a global measurement and data analytics company, 93% of the total UAE population aged 10 and above tuned into radio every week in the fourth quarter of 2018, which is 4% higher (307,000 listeners) in reach compared to the previous quarter and reaching the same high levels when compared to Q4 2017.

The total reach of radio in the fourth-quarter of 2018 was 93%. How to spark inspiration from real people, stand out from the crowd and be bold and persistent across the entire creative development journey.

Design, implement and

Accurate and trusted media measurement is no easy feat, and it’s even Common devices used for electronic measurement are built around devices which are either carried as third party devices or can be managed within existing consumer devices (such as the MediaCell Personal Meter). Developed paper and online formats for its listener diaries, which With industry-backed radio measurement, radio broadcasters can understand who’s tuning in and from where, media agencies can optimize their campaigns, and advertisers will know which audiences they’re reaching.

Read More, High-quality media currencies around the world are audited and Nielsen’s UAE RAM is no exception, being audited by professional services firm PwC. They offer free weekly charts for Top 200, Top 125 Independent, Top International, Top 50 Pop, Top 50 R&B/HipHop, Top 50 Country, Top 50 Christian/Gospel, Top 50 Adult Contemporary, and Top 50 Rock.

measurement team monitors Nielsen’s measurement activities closely and Radio Audience measurement specifically relates to radio listenership. Is backed by a demographically representative dataset of 14,700 data points from 2,100 respondents each quarter. Read More, Many of our studies show that people’s overall behaviour changes considerably during Ramadan, especially when it comes to media consumption, as fasting and prayer times take on a renewed significance. The advantage of electronic measurement is that the listener doesn't need to know what they are listening or the precise details as to when. It uses actual data collected from streaming servers rather than estimated data. With radio audience measurement being driven by economics not research quality, Richard concluded that overall radio audience measurement needs to be better, less expensive, and more resilient to crises.

Copyright © 2020 The Nielsen Company (US), LLC. populations in the world. For example, you Read More, The total reach of radio in third-quarter 2018 was 89%, which is a decline of 2% from the previous period, which means that radio reached 221,000 fewer listeners than in the previous quarter. Will collect listening across all stations (AM/FM, internet, mobile). equips you with insights that allow you to segment audiences with depth

It is also used by broadcasters for governance and to plan programming and editorial. Use data from RAM to develop a robust, world-class media strategy. In the future a broader scope is being considered in many markets covering other audio based media such as music streaming services. In some parts of the world, the resulting relative numbers are referred to as audience share, while in other …

Radio stations use various survey services like Nielsen Radio Ratings, formerly Arbitron, to collect listener data on radio broadcasting audiences through various surveys.

Developed in collaboration with the UAE’s radio broadcasters, Nielsen’s Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) provides the market with the foundation for a true radio measurement currency. On July 14-15, hear Emmanuel Probst’s presentation, to learn how to leverage research to build meaningful brands. Ipsos Encyclopedia - Radio Audience Measurement, Innovation & Knowledge : Media & Brand Communication, MediaCell Personal Meter – software uploaded onto respondents' own smartphones turn their phones into passive listening devices which measure radio and other audio exposure, Pager meters – such as the MediaMetrie Rate on Air meter, Nielsen Audio PPM or GfK Eurisko Meter, these are third party devices which the respondents carry specifically for the sole purpose of capturing their audio exposure, Wristwatch meter - GfK uses a special wristwatch which when worn by respondents detects their audio exposure. methodology in calculating and reporting the UAE RAM data. [1] These numbers often include information such as listeners' IP addresses, the media player they are using, how long they listened, and their computer's operating system. A number of different methodologies exist to provide radio measurement solutions: The fundamental difference between electronic solutions and recall based approaches such as both Day after recall and the Listening Diary, is that the latter are based on memory to some extent where electronic solutions aim to meter the individual and "passively" detect the content to which they are exposed. Internet radio audience measurement is any method used to determine the number of people listening to an Internet radio broadcast. Read More, According to Nielsen, 95% of the total UAE population aged 10 and above tuned into radio every week in first-quarter 2018, which is a 2% increase (135,000 listeners) in reach compared to the previous quarter. The digital revolution strengthened radio as a medium, spawning new channels and reaching new audiences.

Audience measurement measures how many people are in an audience within a given market. and precision. The fundamental of over-the-air radio audience measurement is the diary system, whether recorded by listeners on paper or electronically. The Marketing Insights Event is almost there and will take place this year on 5 and 6 February.

And those new distribution and consumption patterns have presented new challenges, as people listen over the air, …

interviews before commencing measurement to collect complete demographic

The statistics collected from those users is then projected against the estimated 52 million actual Internet radio listeners.[3]. They monitor 5000+ radio stations. preferences are, and how they spend their time. Internet radio audience measurement is any method used to determine the number of people listening to an Internet radio broadcast. The "radio audience" definition varies by market, but a typical definition is that to be a listener to a specific station, said individual should have been listening for a set period of time (often 5 minutes) within a given quarter hour segment.


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