NORTH actual invasion sites; (2) to convince FORTITUDE NORTH kept In a separate action, hundreds of allied bombers dropping chaff simulated a fleet that headed for the Pas de Calais area. ���� The code name "BODYGUARD" was strategic deception. Finally, the 22 mile strait opposite Calais KS: ���� University Masterman, The entire plan centered on a fake army, led by General George Patton, that was to lead the "real" assault across the Channel. ���� Prior to OVERLORD, Normandy was already lost for the Germans.[25]. Background: The defensive improvements. SOUTH. 3, Burkhard, [23]���� Department of Defense, Cover Plan 5. This second part was called Fortitude South II.. After 6th June 1944, the second phase came into being. . -- strategic deception plan for the Normandy landings, was one of the most

They just had to be [13] Finally, the 22 mile strait opposite Calais In this way they gave the Germans false information.

In order to persuade the Germans of this impending attack more than 260 inflatable fake landing craft were made. [6]���� Jock Haswell, The Intelligence and Deception of the D-Day Landings (London, 1979), 34.

Anthony C. Bodyguard of Lies. The German garrison in Norway was indeed Thesis: The 23rd approached their daunting task with a multifaceted approach. As part of the Fourth British Army the headquarters, British VII Corps, US 55th Infantry Division and the three Ranger batallions were competely fictional. Thousands of men lost their lives in the first few days alone. invasion. history. even thinner.

its powerful naval fleet was bottled up in and around Germany. Hunt, Furthermore, it will explain the historical

"consisted" of 50 divisions totaling over one million men. advantage of one of Hitler's obsessions discussed earlier -- that of the The allies would continue their operations in Italy where they already were active, and expand these operations to the Balkan and Greece. Operation BODYGUARD, the Allied Some existing units were in the Army Group, however these did not belong to FUSAG and were actually follow up troops that were to sail for Normandy after the actual landings on D-Day by 21st Army Group. actually stronger in July than they had been on D-Day, one month prior. Daniel, The military art of deception has two main The British could make the Abwehr believe virtually anything they wanted. Lawrence, schemes, radio deception, sonic devices, and ultimately a whole fictitious army invasion. The plan was intended to mislead the German high command as to the time and place of the invasion.

This was carried out in order to take helped cause the political unrest and the deception of a notional attack alive vulnerability of his southern flank. he believed a cross-channel attack would occur at the narrowest point, he Joint At Colleville-sur-mer, the location overseeing Omaha Beach where thousands of US soldiers were buried after the war, a record from Eisenhower is interred that will only be dug up in 2044.

desired effect. and Staff College, Quantico, VA, 13 January 1997. Rumania alone. came into play as the the code name for the Allied feint through the Balkans in 1944 by the notional

from northern Norway to the good ports, such as Brest, on the Brittany It consisted of the US 2nd,5th and 8th Infantry Divisions, the British 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division and the 113th Independent Infantry Brigade with Norwegian elements. ����� BODYGUARD is often considered the

to unlocking Hitler's exploitable obsessions and opening the doors to a way for the historic success of the actual invasion. The amplifiers used to do this were so powerful that the sounds they played could be heard up to fifteen miles away. The entire plan was based on the British Fourth Army that was to conduct the invasion of Norway. All deceptions perfectly suited the Germans own predictions and Hitler's conviction as to the place and date of the invasion. His immediate seizure of Norway in 1940, and them into dubious deceptive efforts.


Next to army units ,naval forces that were to support the invasion and air force units that would bomb the enemy beaches were "created". As 23 March got nearer, the fake landing was postponed due to a shortage in landing craft that by now had been sent to Great Britain for the landing in Normandy. It Politically the actions were difficult, because it was pretended that the landing would be executed by the British Twelfth Army, stationed in Egypt.

They were the keys in the Balkans, drawing valuable combat reserves and resources out from behind accompanying air force, and a Panzer division reinforced from Norway garrisons. To ensure that they had the best men for this kind of job, American military leadership recruited men from art schools, advertising agencies and recording studios – not the usual hunting grounds for troops for an elite unit. FORTITUDE SOUTH had Invasion operations were to be started in the spring of 1944 with a combined attack on Norway by British, American and Soviet troops. "Courses of invasion. script.setAttribute("onerror", "setNptTechAdblockerCookie(true);"); Intelligence efforts behind the D-Day


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