The crate around the corner to the south has Night Rider Horn for your Kodiak. You can save the game before talking to Morningstar and try each of them, to complete the Bunker Buster Achievement for finding secret game ending. Finding the Wasteland 3 Morningstar vehicle location comes into play upon getting the Call to Action sidequest that takes place in Union Station. Unwelcome Guests / A Nightmare in the Bazaar, Sand in the Gastank / Daddy's Little Secret. The Hard Ass 6 check will start a fight with him automatically.

We also use cookies to analyse site traffic, personalise content and Before you do so, however, head to the western side. Wasteland 3 - Call to Action Walkthrough You'll receive this mission via radio call throughout The Zealot and accessing the world map. Calling a vehicle a character might come off as strange, but let us explain and everything will not just make sense, but you'll also know where to look for the Wasteland 3 Morningstar vehicle location. Activate them all and you'll spot a hidden door in the bar. In doing so, you'll get an achievement/Trophy. We now need to make our way northwest to Radio Beacon. Each comment will be read and the information contained therein used to improve the content of this page. Using Nerd Stuff 6 on the computer will bypass any issues and put you in touch with Morningstar. If you kill it as it requests, you'll receive The Great Communicator; if you save it (which will require Kiss Ass 7/Nerd Stuff 8 and Mechanics 7, you will receive Morningstar AI module (both vehicle upgrades). Now, it's time to head north and look for the dirt path. Head north from the Lobby and outisde head west and you'll find some Hard-Head. Having First Aid 7, which will see you fix him up in exchange for passage. you get 2 options: you can either kill it or put him to work (save it). It does give you an achievement/Trophy though. There are a couple of ways your exchange with Fishlips can go: In any case, if you picked the first option then you won't be able to have him join you as he'll leave as soon as the conversation ends, but if you fix him up he'll stay. Doing this will make all 4 powerlines blue, giving the generator enough power. You'll then have to make a decision between transferring the Morningstar AI to your vehicle, the Kodiak, or taking the limo's powerful weapon. You can ask it all sorts of things, which is pretty cool. Locate the console which unlocks Morningstar's prison under Union Station.

The nearby walls also play host to switches connected to it. Do not copy or reprint any element of this site. Wasteland 3's take on Colorado rewards visiting all its locations through all manner of cool quests and characters like the Morningstar vehicle. About The way this works is that by pressing and turning on one of the switches you turn on/off the ones to its sides. Go through it and you should reach the Wasteland 3 Morningstar vehicle location. Call to Action - Morningstar is Radio Broadcast Mission, when traveling in Colorado, you will receive the information you need via Radio. As you head south you can also find a toaster to repair on the table to the east. When not brewing coffee or debating serious topics with my cat, you'll either find me playing video games or writing about them. We convinced Morningstar to join the Rangers. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. If you decide to save it it tells you that you have to be fast because it has an auto-destruct sequence that starts once you start. Copyright © 2010 - 2020, maps for video games, game walkthroughs & game guides.


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