orientation process.

“When I first read the cancellation email, I didn’t believe it. Fundraising • Create short motion graphic animations for public promotional use and for in-program use. Our goal to offer hands-on meaningful engineering projects and work that allows the intern to gain hands on experience with memory systems and the product life cycle while adding impact to Micron’s business.

Teammates. •Rehearse jokes to get the timing right. In an email obtained by TechCrunch, the National Institute of Health canceled its prestigious internship — which has a 20% acceptance rate — to “stop community spread of Sars-Cov-2 through social distancing.”, “Therefore, hosting 1000+ early career scientists who deserve close supervision and intense mentoring is not appropriate at this time,” the email reads. While a number of tech companies have put their internship programs on hold, others are piecing together experimental remote internship programs for their students. “Obviously [this] matters for students, but it also matters for companies who are now going to have this blackhole of talent,” Brunskill said. On the other end, this concentration further showcases how smaller businesses will be impacted disproportionately from this pandemic. The Compliance Tools and Strategic Initiatives intern will report to the Compliance Program Manager and work closely with the Compliance Tools and Strategic Initiatives team to support the maintenance and enhancement of the Compliance Program Management (PGM) Tool. We aggregate flexible monthly stays and help match renters to accommodations that fit their lifestyles. ‘This is great but not top of mind for us,’ are now calling us back asking us to jump on the phone today or tomorrow to get something implemented,” Sadeghi said in a phone call. -Assist in the development, testing and ongoing enhancements of the Compliance Program Management Tool

5-10 hours a week. Through our global brands - Micron, Crucial and Ballistix - we offer the industry's broadest portfolio.

Monitor all social media platforms for trending news, ideas, and feedback Our mission and therefore our team is growing!

There are a few things we look for across all hires we make at Coinbase, regardless of role or team. Second, we look for signals that a candidate will thrive in a culture like ours, where we default to trust, embrace feedback, disrupt ourselves, and expect sustained high performance because we play as a championship team. We're looking for someone who is driven, curious, and looking for an involved role in a rapidly growing startup! I refreshed my inbox; I rubbed my eyes as if I were waking up from a dream. Social Media Management

After TC published this article, however, Google provided a statement that it will moving its program to a “virtual model” this summer.

As an Intern 3DXP Product Engineer at Micron Technology Inc., you will assist in the development of new generations of 3DXP memory as it transitions from the design stage to mass production. - As an intern in Product Engineering, you will learn the overall product cycle from tapeout to mass production Today, visual computing is becoming increasingly central to how people interact with technology, and there has never been a more exciting time to join our team! Prepare detailed promotional presentations Share your videos with your teammates for feedback; give feedback to our teammates. •Learn how to close completed projects with appropriate documentation. A desire to understand the beginning of a non-profit organization preferred including grant writing. About Northwestern Mutual - Greater Chicago We know that interns (we call them Teammates) aren’t burdens, coffee fetchers, or file cleaners; our Teammates are given high level, impactful, and skill building projects to help us grow while the Teammate grows. • Attend team and senior meetings as needed. First, we assess whether a candidate demonstrates our values: Clear Communication, Positive Energy, Efficient Execution, and Continuous Learning.

Our intern programs help prepare engineers for future roles and offer a great experience that supplements your academic experience. You will be responsible for the following:

Thomas Brunskill, the founder of InsideSherpa, which helps companies host virtual internships, said he’s seen nearly 1,000 students a day sign up for the platform, from Northern Italy, to South-East Asia, to the United States.

- Use python and statistical programs to automate silicon characterization data analysis

We are looking for a person to assist with our social media account.

This is an unpaid internship and will end in 90 days.

About Us: Explorastay was founded by two UT Austin students to address the underserved month-to-month rentals market. In a world of chaos and uncertainty, these resources are needed now more than ever. This Volunteer part time internship is a unique opportunity for a Creative out of the box thinker. •Work with UX researchers’ team to quickly makes changes and updates.

Sadeghi noted how internships assume a certain level of privilege in applicants, prioritizing those who can afford to move to a highly populated city with little to no pay. Responsibilities for Marketing Intern Contribute in ways that fulfill your personal, academic or career goals. The story has been updated to reflect this development. Help distribute marketing materials The cancellations, which will likely increase in the days and weeks to come, are unsurprising, due to the uncertainty the pandemic has caused.

those videos.

•Brainstorm with the Video Production team to come up with ideas for videos. Inhale-Exhale is a newly founded organization (March 2019) created to increase mental health and well being awareness for teens, young adults and their families. Per the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 70.4% of interns get return offers from the company where they intern. • Handle Employment Verification and Letters of Recommendation. QuoIntelligence is a premier threat intelligence startup, with an established presence in the EU and US markets. As the leader in innovative memory solutions, Micron is helping the world make sense of data by delivering technology that is transforming how the world uses information. We are now looking for an Event Tech Ops Intern: A cool, fun, technical individual that will be working with our Marketing and Product teams on NVIDIA latest products!

We are looking to have a Marketing Intern join us to help us grow in the virtual world. If you are someone passionate about family communication and connection and a commitment to creating a world that works in the area of mental health , joining our team is a perfect opportunity to make a difference. After the publication of this article, Google announced that it is making its internship program virtual this year, but it is unclear whether or not that impacts interns who have already had their internships rescinded. Responsibilities for Marketing and Social Media Intern It’s so fulfilling knowing that my work is helping save the lives of people on a daily basis. Compensation:

* Researching about mental health Take on being a Team Leader and organizing your own team. A desire to understand the beginning of a non-profit organization preferred including grant writing.

It’ll also require travel to Events, Tradeshows, Product Launches and even working behind the scenes at our CEO’s Keynotes. •Create new ideas and perspectives. Please email talkletteam@gmail.com for any questions! Other responsibilities include circuit simulation, failure analysis, assistance with both internal qualification and customer implementation, yield optimization, and Test program development at wafer, component, and module steps. • Managing Facebook Groups with over 20k+ users to drive traffic to site

Must be someone passionate about family communication and connection and a commitment to creating a world that works in the area of mental health . Come work for our non profit start up Academy for Innovation in Education - STEAM (AIE). - Interns will be partnered with a team member from one of our functional groups (Development, Engineering or Finance) who will act as a mentor and be tasked to complete a project

“We thought we didn’t have product-market fit and now the conversation has completely changed.”, Per the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

You will:

Micron Technology’s vision is to transform how the world uses information to enrich life and our dedication to people, innovation, tenacity, collaboration, and customer focus allows us to fulfill our mission to be a global leader in memory and storage solutions.

One student turned down offers and interviews from Google, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs to pursue a software engineering position.

• Spearheading Facebook marketing initiatives

(Our favorite soul sister company is SuperInterns.com.) , 70.4% of interns get return offers from the company where they intern.


We are proud to offer an entire suite of products that are helping build the cryptoeconomy, and increase economic freedom around the world. Our Founder & CEO Super Julie Braun (also known as SJ) created Super PurposesTM LLC in 2018. •Learn how to manage and oversee all aspects of DevOps projects especially monitoring their progress to make needed adjustments.

8minute Solar Energy is the largest privately-held developer of solar and storage projects in the United States. •Be able to work closely with the DevOps team to ensure the scope and direction of each project is on schedule. •Learn how to use Click-Up to organize and update the completion status of project steps.

- Assisting in brainstorming sessions. Co-founder Ahva Sadeghi said that last week more than 100 companies and 1,000 students reached out to Symba in regards to internship cancellations because of COVID-19. Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g.


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