The important thing is to approve the standards required by the health authorities to ensure the safety of the final product. A study showed that the fatty acid ellagic acid reduced the destruction of collagen and modulated the inflammatory response. Our Natural Plant and Flower Extracts take the inspiration of nature, extracting the source of the plant to use in your cosmetic product, to help provide sensual beauty treatments with proven antioxidant properties when used between 0.2 and 1%. This process must go in parallel to advances in technology that allow formulating more effectively. It should be said that additives are not synonymous with synthetic.

In this case, the correct term would be ‘free of artificial substances’. Some other favourite additives are papaine, a proteolytic enzyme from papaya (Carica papaya) or bromelaine from pineapple (Ananas cosmosus), as well as various marine-based materials, especially bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus). Rosemary extract is a natural preservative and antioxidant. When it comes to plants in cosmetics it’s important to differentiate or take into account the use of ‘simple’ plant materials or extracts versus ‘functional botanicals’. Cosmetically, argan is considered an effective anti-ageing oil due to various properties such as the high levels of anti-oxidants (vitamin E/tocopherols) and saponins (skin-softening agents). A botanical ingredient, as a component of a cosmetic or skincare product, may be defined as a substance that originates from plants: e.g.

Olive Seed Flour, APCEL solution for gluten-free bread.

This oil contains up to 76% of a conjugated linolenic acid known as ‘omega-5’, which confers potent anti-inflammatory properties that make it suitable for irritated and inflamed skin. Simple plant materials may, for example, include substances such as cold-pressed or otherwise extracted vegetable oils, and distilled or expressed essential oils, whereas complex functional botanicals reside more within the scientific cosmetic arena. In my experience most of these function wonderfully well – as skincare ingredients – even if there isn’t yet as extensive a body of research to back up this opinion as there is for some other botanicals. Advances in botanical chemistry have allowed to take advantage of plant compounds, these last ones becoming the most important source of active ingredients for cosmetic use nowadays. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Excipients are the substances that provide a certain texture (cream, lotion, foam, etc.)

Argan oil (Argania spinosa) contains rare plant sterols (phytosterols) not found in other oils.

Plants can be used in three forms in cosmetics: either as total extracts of the whole plant e.g. This produces not only high quality extracts, but leads to an increadible biodiversity of wildlife.

Very present in cocoa butter and shea butter. The major plant extracts used are ivy (Hedera helix), horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), and butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus).


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