Veger, the council leader of Haven City, was in a desperate search for the Precursor catacombs in hopes of turning the Planetary Defense grid on to defend the planet from the foreseeable future. Jak later discovered that the strange new world which they were making their way through was actually in the future, and that Haven City was built around Sandover Village, which was now known as Dead Town. Older Jak sent young Jak into the past with the Shadow, in order to protect him from the danger of Kor. Although Veger stated that he lost young Jak to the Underground, the Shadow (the Underground leader) noted that he found him just "wandering the streets," suggesting young Jak may have escaped by his own power. In The Lost Frontier, he seems to be more carefree and happy.

After Jak defeated Gol and Maia Samos admitted that Jak is indeed an adept hero. "[11], Eventually Jak was invited back to Haven City to help with the war effort. [1] Bob Rafei proceeded with this concept and designed various concept art poses that would eventually depict a 15-year-old boy[2] with spiky green-blond hair, blue tunic, and athletic physical attributes. It was also realized that "the Kid", a royal descendant of the House of Mar and the subject of the Underground movement, was younger Jak. Shortly after the events of Jak II, war broke out on the streets of Haven City, as new Krimzon Death Bots took over a vital section of the industrial area of Haven, and a large group of stronger Metal Heads that survived the death of their leader concentrated in the gardens sector of the city (at that point renamed Metal Head city). Jak continued through the catacombs, activating the Planetary Defense System and traveled to the Dark Maker's ship to stop Cyber Errol, who escaped in a terraformer before the ship was destroyed. In the following games, Jak X: Combat Racing and The Lost Frontier, Jak can be heard uttering "this is for Damas!" Jak and Daxter jumped out of the vehicle where they were frozen in motion and sucked into a wormhole which subsequently dumped them on a mysterious planet, where Jak first suspected Ratchet of the sudden turn of events. There's a problem loading this menu right now. The lurker charged the two when Jak quickly threw an activated dark eco canister, disposing of the lurker, but inadvertently knocking Daxter into a pool of dark eco. Jak's main father figure throughout the series is Samos Hagai, who raised him since he was an infant. By the events of Jak II, Jak broke away from his mutism. Once Jak learned the truth about how Samos took his younger self to the past and raised him, the two became much closer and Samos would go on to be Jak's mentor throughout the series. After several races, including death matches, lap races, and other types of events, Jak eventually won the entire race, to the frustration of the ganglords that ran the sport under ground. Young Jak would then be raised into his adolescence under the watchful eye of the Shadow (real name being Samos). [14] He and his sidekick Daxter were listed in the top 25 best duo in gaming, coming in fifth place by IGN. The group won the antidote and were saved, and Rayn was revealed to be partially behind it the whole time. They eventually acquired the Eco Sphere and all of its components, which was said to point to any major source of eco. Jak then managed to activate the Rider and entered the Gate, where they were sent into the future in Haven City. His mother was never mentioned in any of the games, making him one of a few characters to have a father with no apparent mother. He also takes some enjoyment in killing metal heads and a fondness for guns. He chose to save the world, and after the battle, Jak opened the ancient Precursor door at the top of the citadel, and discovered the rift gate and rift rider behind it, which would start the events of Jak II. Ultimately Rayn escaped but Jak, Daxter, Keira, Torn, and Ashelin were healed. The Precursors, revealed to be ottsels, asked him to come with them to protect the universe. The character has the ability to channel "eco", a powerful substance of multiple colors and varying specialties, giving the player an array of powers to help battle enemies. "[4] He had a brave and adventurous personality, much to the frustration of his watchover Samos Hagai, spending most of his time with his equally trouble-making but much less brave best friend Daxter. As noted by one of Naughty Dog's developers, Daxter and Jak's relationship is inseparable, which was brought to further light in Jak 3, when Daxter stayed behind with Jak in the desert, and likewise, Jak stayed behind with Daxter towards the end of the game. "[16], "Naughty Dog's creative director talks about Jak X: Combat Racing", "E3 2001: Naughty Dog Debuts Jak and Daxter", "Guinness' Top 50 Video Game Characters of All Time", "Readers' Top 30 Characters Results Revealed",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 August 2020, at 22:02. Jak was almost immediately apprehended by the "Krimzon Guard" on account of his special powers, making him a prime prospect for the "Dark Warrior Program". Eventually it was revealed that the new planet is actually a teleportation device, intended for the villains to take the heroes' place back home. [8] Throughout the game it was clear to the player that Jak and Samos' daughter Keira shared romantic interest, which would develop later in the series. Jak, Daxter, and Keira began a quest on the other side of the world at a place known as the Brink in search of a new source of eco. He is a human male with green-blond hair, cerulean blue eyes, and fair skin. Jak's main love interest throughout the series is Keira. [1][3], In the first game, Jak was featured as a mute teenage boy, quiet and headstrong, with a sober attitude who "has yet to realize his potential. In Jak X: Combat Racing, he turned into somewhat of a relaxed character, though his final encounter with Mizo shows that the anger still exists under a calmer exterior. Later, after reuniting with Torn, Cyber Errol was revealed to be the leader of the KG Death Bots as well as the surviving Metal Heads, however the greater threat was from the incoming Dark Maker ship, which Errol sought to control in order to destroy the planet.

After Jak told the leader that he wished to see the "Shadow," Torn gave him the mission "Retrieve banner from Dead Town", in which Jak succeeded; starting initiation missions for membership to the Underground. The mission of the game then centered towards stopping Gol and Maia and freeing the captive sages, which Jak succeeded in doing, resulting in the death of the evil siblings. Jak 4 and Jak and Daxter 4 were tentative titles for an undeveloped project by Naughty Dog Inc. It is unknown if Jak grows taller in The Lost Frontier, though, subjectively, he does gain noticeable body mass. In Jak II, he gained the ability to transform into Dark Jak due to the two years of dark eco experiments performed on him at the hands of Baron Praxis. During the first confrontation, the leader of the pirates known as Captain Phoenix got in a fight with Jak. Jak was described by former Naughty Dog creative director as "the hero you want to be ... the stellar guy who is going to make it happen, who is going to save the world."[3]. Jak is a fictional character and primary protagonist of the Jak and Daxter series, and the titular playable character in all games in the series except the spin-off game Daxter.He was created by Naughty Dog Inc, and made cross-over appearances in PlayStation Move Heroes and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, serving as one of three protagonists in the game former. After Jak escaped from the prison, he sought out a figure known as the "Shadow", the leader of a rebel movement known as the "Underground", waging war against the misplaced rule of Baron Praxis. He also appeared as a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and PlayStation Move Heroes. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 11. Jak would be imprisoned for two years before being rescued by Daxter at the end of Daxter (game). In PlayStation AllStars: Battle Royale, Jak expresses multiple times of how he misses her. When they moved it back to Samos' hut, Jak, Daxter, Samos, and Keira were teleported into the future in a dystopia known as Haven City. [5], However, later in Jak 3, Jak matured and regained his fiery head-on attitude reminiscent from the first game. Jak does not have the ability to produce eco, however—separating him from the status of Sage—and instead channels it, absorbing it into himself, and uses it until he runs out (usually indicated by a meter). While there, they met a band of Eco Pirates who were in a war with the Aeropans. Near the end of their battle, Jak discovered light eco, when four towers surrounding the silo opened up and the four colored ecos inside combined, which could change Daxter back (theoretically) or defeat Gol and Maia and save the world. Just after Damas' final breath, Jak realized the relationship, which Veger confirmed. After Jak defeated Metal Kor, Samos took Jak's younger self back in the past and raised him in Sandover Village so that Jak could grow in a safe place far away from Kor. Jak & Daxter Collection - Playstation 3. [6][7] Towards the end of the game, after saving the world from the "Dark Makers", and in The Lost Frontier, Jak was displayed as fully mature, adventurous, and rational. [note 1], Some time after his birth, Jak's father was betrayed by Baron Praxis and Veger. The two entered a large area where two dark figures were levitating in front of a large group of Lurkers, where they secretly observed them telling their apparent army to kill anyone straying from "the village.". He is the son of Damas, born to the House of Mar in Haven City, but raised by Samos Hagai in Sandover Village along with his sidekick Daxter until his mid teenage years. Note that young Jak, the kid, from Jak II did not speak either. Though Jak's appearances are brief, the plot leading up to Jak II concerning Jak's acquisition of dark powers is somewhat significant.

When Daxter came back out, he was in the form of an ottsel. The story begins with two ordinary fellas out poking around on an island of ruins when the careless Daxter falls into a pit of dark Eco. He declined the offer due to the inseparable nature between Jak and Daxter similarly witnessed in the opening cutscene in the beginning of the game (when Daxter stayed behind with Jak in the Wasteland). Jak battled him, forcing Skyheed to retreat to his shielded flagship, where he attempted to drain eco from the eco core. He has a lean, muscular, yet athletic build, as well as yellow-green hair and cerulean blue eyes. Jak and Daxter, along with Samos and Keira, later found out while at the Red Sage's hut that Gol Acheron and his sister Maia had been corrupted by the dark eco they were studying and were trying to activate a Precursor robot to assist them in opening a dark eco silo to flood the world with dark eco.


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