Saskatchewan; Local News; Two dead, two in hospital following crash on Highway 11. [62] The Station Arts center has converted the historic CN Station into an art gallery and summer theater center and is located at Rosthern. To make roads out of these trails horse drawn blade graders were used to level out hummocks and fill badger holes. Dundurn, located in the heartland of the great Northern Bison range was known to buffalo hunters as Round Prairie. [16], In a distance of 12.2 kilometres (7.6 mi) is the small village of Girvin at the Hwy 749 which features The Buffalo (and Red River Cart) sculpture, the first piece made by Don Wilkins and features the buffalo a vital part of the fur trading and Métis life in the 18th and 19th centuries. [2], It is another 22 kilometres (14 mi) of travel in a north east direction to arrive at the terminus of the LRT, the intersection with Saskatchewan Highway 2 where the approximate AADT increases near the city of Prince Albert to 6,000 VPD. Continuing North, the highway passes several interchanges, including with 8th Street and College Drive/Hwy 5. [72] Hanley erected in 2000, a stone monument honoring its historic Opera House. [14] One of the many administrative concerns of the RM was road construction and maintenance. RCMP say officers are at the scene of a serious crash on Highway 11 on Wednesday morning. 2 dead after multi-vehicle crash near Osler, Sask. The Wells Land & Cattle Co. purchased land around Davidson, Arm River and Qu'Appelle River for homestead settlement. [2][4] The final chapter for the namesake of the Louis Riel Trail occurred in Regina. Will the country that develops a COVID-19 vaccine use it as a geopolitical tool? [84][85] The highway between Saskatoon and Prince Albert received less attention during this period; a 1956 highway map shows that it was still almost entirely gravel. The horse drawn Red River car and Bone Picker are reminiscent of an era ending when the skeletal remains of approximately 2,000,000 buffalo were gathered in the vicinity of Dundurn and Hanley. Craik & District Regional Park are located 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) north east of Craik. [28] In 3.3 kilometres (2.1 mi) is the intersection with Hwy 643 where Craik is nestled within the triangle made by these three highways, Hwy 643, Hwy 732 and Hwy 11. The Hwy 642 intersection features the small hamlet of Bethune, Saskatchewan to the north and Hwy 354. [35] Craik and District Golf Course is a 9 hole green golf course 1/2 mile east of the LRT. Summer raised roads were built up by using two horse scrapers digging an area alongside the highway, then using the loose dirt to widen the highway. All intersections in this segment are at-grade except for two interchanges in the Lumsden valley and in Saskatoon. As tractors replaced horses in the field and motorized vehicles replaced horses on the road, an increasing need arose to replace the early dirt trails with graded gravel highways. [13][21] Just 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) north of Bladworth are the Black & Silver Lakes waterfowl nesting areas. It is a structural pavement major arterial highway which is approximately 391 kilometres (243 mi) long. 221, geographical codes and localities, 2006", "Explore Regina: Interpreting Railway Town Heritage/Boomtown", "Canada Dept of Mines Geological Survey Saskatchewan Regina Sheet; Map 26-A", "Hidden Beaches, Valleys and Natural Prairie Treasures Rural Escapes", "The Coffee Pot and Cup, Davidson, Saskatchewan", "Metis Fiddler and Oxcart - Davidson, Saskatchewan", "Three Rivers Trail Newsletter No.3, No.4, Summer 2004", "Three Rivers Trail Newsletter No.3, No.6, Winter 2005", "The TRTA Objectives No.3, No.9, Fall 2005", "4711034 - McCraney No.

Honoring the Past Striving for a bright future. [2], The large roadside attraction of a wheat sheaf[61] [11] [10], The LRT continues west for another 11.1 kilometres (6.9 mi) before turning north west. Two men are dead and another two in hospital after an accident on Highway 11 near Osler Thursday afternoon that left the northbound lane of the highway closed for a good portion of the evening. [84] It more closely followed the CNR tracks and contained fewer right angle corners than it had in 1926. At the intersection of Hwy 784, and the former alignment of Hwy 305 is the city of Warman with over 7,000 residents and the AADT is about 10,000 VPD. Wilson Museum can be seen on the outskirts of the town of Dundurn from the LRT. [84] Only Provincial Highway 12 is marked in the same fashion between Saskatoon and Prince Albert on the 1926 highway map of Saskatchewan, which has formed the base of the northern section of the LRT. Leave a comment Comments. © 2020 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. [54] Dundurn is a town of approximately 650 which is located at the intersection of Hwy 211 and the AADT is around 6,000 VPD. A steep decline begins into the Qu'Appelle Valley meeting Hwy 20 and Lumsden at the lowest depression the bridge over the Qu'Appelle River. [16][67] The intersection of Hwy 312 is north of Hague by 18.1 kilometres (11.2 mi). Hwy 732 is a paved road which travels through the Iskwao Creek Valley. By ploughing the prairie soil at the road allowance, and then using road graders to pull in the dirt roads could be made wide enough for the first cars of the area. [90] A new route was constructed to connect Saskatoon and Rosthern via Warman and Hague. RCMP say they were called to an area two kilometers south of the turnoff to Osler around 3:45. Read more: Ontario breaks another COVID-19 record with more than 1,400 new cases, CDC now says masks protect both the wearers and those around them from COVID-19, 'Tenacity and ingenuity': Veterans are overcoming the dangers of pandemic isolation, Experts raise concerns about tampon applicators being excluded from federal plastics ban, CTV Regina: Sask. Warman RCMP said the black truck was the subject of the first report. [44], In 1971, the Department of Highways was moved from Hawarden to Kenaston closer to the main Highway, which was Hwy 11. [74], Winter trails in the horse and buggy days would have two tracks across the prairie several feet higher than the prairie sod due to the snow built up on them. To the west of the road is Indi Lake, and to the east, Theressa Lake which has now become a portion of Blackstrap Lake. (CBC) RCMP say a man is dead after he was hit by a semi on Highway 11 south of Saskatoon.

[3][95][96], On June 20, 2001 the entire length of Hwy 11 was re-named the Louis Riel Trail (LRT) at a ceremony which took place at the Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre. The Battle of Fish Creek memorial is near Batoche, and St. Laurent de Grandin features the St. Laurent Shrine. [2] It is also known as the Louis Riel Trail (LRT) after the 19th century Métis leader. It is also known as the Louis Riel Trail (LRT) after the 19th century Métis leader. [13][49] Residents belong to SARM Division No. Emergency services were called to the multiple-vehicle collision that blocked northbound traffic on Highway 11 south of Osler, Sask., on Thursday. Mounties say the crash … One of the main problems constructing the highway was the heavy field stone knolls. First Nation to vote on $150M compensation package, Mayoral candidates in Regina’s civic election, COVID-19 in Sask: 127 new cases, 44 in hospital, Potential COVID-19 exposures in Regina, Estevan, Fort Qu'Appelle, Indian Head, Ituna, Weyburn and Yorkton. [65] Batoche is where Louis Riel fought his final battles in the North-West Rebellion of 1885.

"paving of two sections of Highway 11 including 12.1 kilometres (7.5 mi) of highway north of Osler to south of Hague, and 11.3 kilometres (7.0 mi) of highway north of Macdowall to the Junction of Highway 2. Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Center relates the history of first nations, Métis and an immigrant pioneer Society to the area.

[81] Saskatoon preferred Highway 11 because the alternative would bypass it and not provide as many Saskatchewan residents the transportation benefits of direct access to a paved highway. [2] Seager Wheeler's Maple Grove Farm, a National Historic Site, is located 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) east of Rosthern by taking Hwy 312 from the LRT. [52][53] The 1924 Hanley Opera House was a center of cultural activity in the area. The town of Osler has 926 residents and is located at the intersection with Hwy 393. [10][11] The Saskatoon Plain section of the moist mixed grassland of dark brown soils is suitable for cereal grains, feed grains and forage crops.[2]. Cree, Métis and Dakota Sioux chose the wooded hills of this historic land as a good place to stay. [98][99][100] This route was expended to continue east and bypass southern and eastern Regina, connecting with Hwy 1 east of the city.

Saskatchewan International Raceway is a drag racing venue located along the LRT, 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) south of Saskatoon. [11] Traveling 26.9 kilometres (16.7 mi) along the LRT is MacDowall which is west of the LRT.

[66] Fish Creek near Batoche was originally named Tourond's Coulee, Northwest Territories (NWT). This historic fur trade center was also an integral part of the North West Resistance. [51], Roads were provided and maintained through a committee formed in 1907 by Local Improvement District 15.B.3 around Hanley. [13][11][21] Turning west on Hwy 784 is the Clarkboro ferry route across the South Saskatchewan River. [20] In the Allan Hills is the village of Findlater with 49 residents on the south side of the LRT, and picnic site on the north.

[42][43] A large white house erected in 1904 by Wells family north of Davidson and can be seen from the LRT. "[21][60] The South Saskatchewan and North Saskatchewan River provide two important fish habitats for the province of Saskatchewan. (Last Mountain Lake). [63] This section of the LRT travels through the Waldheim Plain of the Aspen parkland prairie ecoregion which features fescue grasslands dotted with Aspen tree bluffs. This site is now marked on the LRT with a large silhouette buffalo statue made by Don Wilkins. The approval for the $680,000 tender was awarded by Highways and Transportation Minister Mark Wartman. [13][47] Kenaston, with the logo Blizzard Capital of Saskatchewan, features a large sculpture of a Snowman built in 1983, but not visible from the highway. There are 32 species of fish in the South Saskatchewan, and 25 species in the North Saskatchewan.

[12] Prior to the completion of the Regina Bypass in October 2019, Highway 11 began at the junction of Victoria Avenue and Ring Road in the east end of the city, and shared a 8.2-kilometre (5.1 mi) concurrency with Highway 6, before branching northwest from Albert Street at Regina's northern boundary, passing Pasqua Street. The route starts off in Regina, the capital of the province.

[77] Shortly thereafter, the graveled highway extended between Saskatoon and Regina. [21][50], Hanley, a town of over 450, is located at the intersection of Hwy 764. [80] Prince Albert advocated prioritizing Highway 2 as a more direct route between the northern and southern parts of the province and a more attractive route for American tourists driving to Prince Albert National Park. [69] First Nation to vote on $150M compensation package, Here's how to watch Regina's Remembrance Day ceremony live from home, Attendees of Halloween party near Weyburn asked to isolate by SHA, COVID-19 in Sask: Here's what we know ahead of the next update, COVID-19 reported at the Crescents School, Campbell Collegiate and Walker School, Map shows Regina schools with current COVID-19 cases, Multiple staff members at Indian Head care home self-isolating after outbreak: Sask. [13] The village of Lumsden was created in 1890 in conjunction with the coming of the CNR. Former Saskatchewan Roughrider Joe Craig Jr., recovering after car crash, Former Saskatchewan Roughrider Joe Craig Jr., recovering after car crash – Sep 24, 2020, As Ottawa prepares for a quieter Remembrance Day, federal leaders thank veterans, Trudeau says post-Brexit trade deal with U.K. should be ‘easy,’ done by end of year, Puerto Rico finds 126 briefcases with uncounted ballots 1 week after election, U.S. election crimes official quits after AG Barr authorizes voter fraud probes, Trump campaign sues to block certification of Biden win in Pennsylvania, Coronavirus: All of Manitoba moving to Level Red Thursday, tough restrictions to be implemented, What is a coronavirus ‘circuit-breaker?’ A pivot in strategy with pros and cons, U.S. election: Democrats keep control of House, but majority likely to shrink, Trump team still not working with Biden for transition of power, Correcting the gravestone of a fallen Canadian soldier, Biden moves ahead with transition of power plans, No new COVID-19 lockdown in Alberta, where doctors urge the province to take action, US election: McConnell says Trump within his rights to look into election ‘irregularities’; Schumer says ‘no evidence’ of significant voter fraud, Alberta doctors call for ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown to fight COVID-19, Man dies after being struck by semi south of Saskatoon on Highway 11, RCMP say, Car reaches speeds of 170 km/h evading Saskatchewan RCMP, Saskatoon man charged with murder following death of his wife’s cousin in Warman.


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