or moth orchid (Phalaenoposis spp.). A striking species with bright green tepals and a much divided purplish brown lip with white markings. Perhaps the showiest and best known of the cold-resistant terrestrial orchids are the lady slipper orchids (Cypripedium spp.). Cypripedium Tilman.......................$89.00ea Orchids Alive in Zone 5 Information for Midwest orchid growers. Phone: (501) 925-1885. Requires shade to bright shade in humus-rich, well drained, sandy soil. Cypripedium fasciolatum........................... $69.00ea The only visible damage to the collection that I can find so far is a cattleya once hung in the apple tree was blown to ground, pot broken and bark scattered. (C.fasciolatum x C.tibeticum) .......................................................$79.00ea These are terrestrial orchids that live in soil rather than epiphytes that live in trees or rocks, as the tropical orchids do. Z7. Purple lip with yellow markings. Green leaves sometimes spotted, violet pink to purple flowers. Flowers are variable in this cross but typically have purple-pink petals and sepals, white lip with purple pink margin and spot. Ht. Cypripedium plectrochilum Larger double eyed plants $129.00ea. Cypripedium Hans Erni (franchetii x calceolus) $59.00ea Sepals and petals are darker burgundy. need to be planted 10-15cm deep and in yet colder areas they © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Hemera Technologies/Photos.com/Getty Images. Everybody knows and loves the exotic, tropical orchids (e.g., phalaenopsis, and cattleya), but wouldn't it be nice to have an orchid that lives outside in temperate zones?It might surprise you to know that there are many beautiful terrestrial orchids for temperate zones 5-9 that are actually very easy to grow such as bletilla and calanthe. Shallow-rooted plants rise from thick roots, rhizomes or pseudobulbs. They grow in a variety of habitats from moss covered rocks to leaf litter under shrubs, but always in sites with excellent drainage. Bloom sized seedlings. large, inflated pouch is creamy yellow streaked and Initially the flower stalks are short but as they get older the flower stalks get longer and fuller and the flowers get larger. Tom is the breeder: 9720 Larkin Lane Rogers, Arkansas 72756. From the Himalayas and China; is closely related to C.macranthum. This week’s blog posting is delayed while I wait for the final unfurling of the long-awaited Stanhopea florida blossoms. Z4.

Lavender petals and purple-violet , intricately cleft lip in late summer or early fall. This is the smaller floweredyellow North American native ladyslipper. Some Asian species need repeated exposures to temperatures in the low 30s to stimulate flower production. Even back in late June, the temperatures sometimes remained in the 90s for several days. Bletilla striata var japonica alba........................ 10cm pot $7.50ea Ht. This year it produced a record number (for me) of inflorescences . Ht. Z3   Hybrid between the Asian Cypripedium macranthos and the rare Taiwanese Cypripedium segawai. This is a robust garden hybrid and it is These are best planted 5cm deep in light shade to full sun in a well drained humus-rich soil. Sepals and petals streaked and dotted maroon; lip, large streaked dark purple-red. My little Phal. Was that the trick? Early, light purple flowers with red spotting on lips. Rose purple petals, sepals and lip with white keels on lip. 10-20cm  Z8.

Posted in Plants and flowers | Leave a Comment », September 13, 2010 by orchidsaliveinzone5, Blogging and weekly orchid inspections took a backseat to a little summer R&R during the last couple of weeks. odorata) grow from Virginia to Florida in USDA zones 3 through 9, producing white, fragrant, bell-shaped flowers in mid-September. The most cold hardy are pink lady's slipper (Cypripedium acaule), growing in USDA zones 2 through 8, and the showy lady's slipper (Cypripedium reginae), hardy in zones 2 through 7. Orchids in this section are Non-Tropical ('Cold Hardy' = Frost Tolerant to the zones listed) and can be grown out of doors all year, as well as grown in tropical zones. Z7. Z5-6. Z4. The old one shrivels and should be discarded in fall. Z4. Mature, seed raised bloom sized plants. American lady slippers are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 8, depending on the species. Ht.45cm. The Most species are easy to grow indoors or out (with protection) in very free draining humus rich soil (we generally use 40:40:20 peat and perlite and sand mix). 30cm. Semi-evergreen. Blooms in early spring. [Note ants — those ubiquitous ants! Ht. Pleione Vesuvius( P.bulbocodioides X P. X confusa)................... $9.50ea Z6-7. Ht. Bletilla `Brigantes’(striata X ochracea)............. $15.99ea More than 15 years ago, I bought a little time-saving device for fertilizing my flower and water garden. Z5. They were rebuilt and reinforced. A stunning new hybrid with massive flowers. The genus has minimal cultivation requirements which make them ideal for growing in the home, in a coldframe or in a cool greenhouse. It is a vigorous hybrid, with large, lightly-fragrant bright yellow pouches, each highlighted by twisting amber sepals.

However, it is rather risky. Plant Delights Nursery: Cypripedium Orchids: Does the Lady Slipper Fit Your Garden? A desiccated, bare-root C. maxima had been tossed in a heap with some other plants by the Ecuagenera salesman. Bletilla `Penway Princess’ (formosana X yunnanensis) Pleione `Volcanello'......................................... $14.00ea Introduction to Hardy Orchids for the Perennial Garden. Ht. They prefer a lightly shaded woodland setting with humus rich soil. This is one of the showiest and the easiest one to grow. This hybrid between the new species C.froschii and the European calceolus is fantastic. AKA Cypripedium Ventricosum Pastel .This is a hybrid between the white C. macranthos album and the yellow and brown C. calceolus. Most species and hybrids produce their incredible flowers in spring. Cypripedium  x ventricosum light............... $79.00ea Cypripedium formosanum (C.japonicum var.formosanum)....... $55.00ea Ht. We will be offering laboratory raised seedlings that are out of culture for one or two seasons. Soryu means Blue Dragon. Posted in Care, Culture, Environment, Plants and flowers | 2 Comments ». Mature single eyed division. Below is our 2020 listing. 15-30cm. They start off yellow in bud, A hybrid with huge flowers, the lip is white with a subtle flush of pink often with additional pink banding. The large creamy yellow pouch is heavily spotted with mauvy lavender dots and backed with mauvy sepals, Cypripedium kentuckiense x rebunense Double eyed plants $109.00ea. Cypripedium planipetalum.........................$89.00ea Ht. Most prefer humus-rich soil with good drainage. Z5-6.

Cypripedium Aki light (macranthos X pubescens)...............................................$99.95ea. Z5-6. This attractive orchid bears a loose spike with flowers having a ruffled white lip and white petals with rose pink markings set in front of darker burgundy brown sepals. Cypripedium kentuckiense..................... $69.00ea A huge stunning flower with large white to creamy yellow lip pouch and darker mahogany red brown tepals and sepals. There are more than 300,000 species of orchids. They are nursery propagated and grown, not wild collected, and are vigorous and blooming size. Last winter the large, framed hardware cloth used to hang many of the mounted orchids had partly broken loose from the wall. A reliable doer. Large inflated lip of a light pink color striped with cream and dark plum coloring. Bloom sized seedlings. 90cm. ( C. Fasciolatum x C. macranthos ) (P. Soufrière x P.bulbocodioides) Purple-pink  flowers with a red spotted lip and bright yellow keels. Flower stalks come from a basal clump of leaves.


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