He also directed segments for three episodes ("Rival Site," "Hot Girl," and "Sarah's New Boyfriend").

10 November 2011

Most likely not. Company Credits In "Cracking," Dan accidentally does this to, Inverted by Jake and Amir.

With Pat Cassels, Dan Gurewitch, Brian Murphy, Emily Axford.

What Amir is to the original cast, Katie Marovitch is from 2014 onward. Hardly Working is an online series of shorts taking place in the office from which the CollegeHumor website is run. The gang mistakenly believes that CollegeHumor is ending at 6pm that day, and (over)reacts in different ways. makes the staff's discussion about whether to write a sketch about Bitcoin sound like a typical discussion about Bitcoin itself. When news of Olivia Munn’s hacked phone hits the office, it’s too appalling to ignore.

Filming & Production "Should We Do a Bitcoin Sketch?"

Then Emily, having enough of the graphic gifts, intervenes: Slightly averted with Emily and Anu. The show was an adaptation of the style of the long-running Hardly Working short film series created for the CollegeHumor site, made more suitable for the longer, televised format.[2]. "Just tweeting about how pissed off I am that Twitter's down.   |  Amir BlumenfeldPat CasselsKevin CorriganDan GurewitchJake HurwitzBrian MurphyJeff RubinSarah SchneiderStreeter SeidellDavid Young, Matt Pollock - Director/EditorCreighton DeSimone - Director/EditorJessica Agi - ProducerDavid Fishel - Director of Post ProductionMichael Shaubach - Senior Video EditorSam Jacobsen - Video EditorMorgan Riles - Assistant Video EditorSpencer Griffin - Director of ProgrammingSam Reich - President of Original Content. Hardly Working is office sketch comedy written by and starring the staff of CollegeHumor.com. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

| Hardly Working (TV Series 2007– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. CollegeHumor Originals (TV Series 2006– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Murph and Kevin exchange gifts: Kevin's is a rusty nail bat, and Murph's is a pillowcase full of fish semen. ", walks into the middle of the street unprompted, including Owen, still standing in the street, starts to chat about how long it's taking the inevitable to occur. In "Fired Up," Amir says of Ricky, "He's so, "Phantom of the Brainstorm," which has the Phantom crashing a BustedTees think tank to pitch, Throughout "Average Night Out," the characters use ", It doesn't help that midway through they accidentally segue into a. The gang, save for Sarah, is entranced by Jessica, a hot girl from accounting, and makes foolish mistakes. I've never read it. (And now apparently Elaine.). For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Much of the humor of the Phantom of the Office comes from hearing a character with the vocal register of a, In "Introspective Jake," Jake explains his romantic strategy: "Whenever I want somebody I just stand by a window and I look introspective as f—.

", The friend is me. Know that you have died proudly at the hands of a far superior enemy, was bitten by a bully as a child and now unwillingly transforms into one every time he hears nu-metal, he turns out to have been an egg the whole time, "SHIT ON YOUR BOOKS! Time Magazine's TV critic James Poniewozik hailed the show as "really funny," noting that CollegeHumor is "doing comedy that specifically works on television, as opposed to simply porting over viral videos to a slightly bigger screen. Jake is understandably disturbed by this. They are almost never addressed or acknowledged, though. We're some of the people that run CH and create CHTV videos.

Amir has a binder with in-depth descriptions of everything Jake has ever worn to work since he's started working there. The Cool English Teacher uses his "coolness" to cover for the fact that he barely seems to know anything about his subject. One more announcement: today is Stick Towels Under Your Doors Day," where you show your company pride by placing towels in any space smoke could travel through, right after saying "this is a test of the building's alarm system in the event of a widespread fire in the basement. Murph and Pat react with, All the guys in the office are obsessed with the film. | The CollegeHumor Show is an American television sitcom that premiered on MTV on February 8, 2009 and also aired on MuchMusic. No fires today. The nine main actors on the show also comprise the show's writing staff. The show was a scripted sitcom with sketch comedy elements written by, and starring, nine CollegeHumor editorial staff members, who play fictionalized versions of themselves. Pat's gift for Vinny is, aware of Vinny's bragging about crossword puzzles: locking his girlfriend in a tank slowly filling with water at an unknown location. Anu's gift for Caldwell is a bag of wasps, as she learned from his Facebook page that it was one of his mortal fears. The most prominent subseries within Hardly Working is Jake and Amir, a Boke and Tsukkomi Routine between the two titular characters.

In "3D Glasses," Pat's 3D glasses make all his coworkers appear "deeper." There is no single "star" of the show; rather, the nine main characters function as an ensemble. The "freestyling interns" from Freestyle Love Supreme have truly insane, The punchline of "Lady Macbething," when Murph, "Jeff Goes Christian Bale" is a nearly word-for-word remake of.

Dan ventures into this territory as well. The show was a scripted sitcom with sketch comedy elements written by, and starring, nine CollegeHumor editorial staff members, who play fictionalized versions of themselves. The series is written by and stars the CH staff. ", In "The Guy Who Always Talks About Hot Girls," Trapp gets fed up with the guy in question and finally explodes, "I would rather talk about literally, The Lady Punchers in "Secret Society" are an entire. [1] The show was a scripted sitcom with sketch comedy elements written by, and starring, nine CollegeHumor editorial staff members, who play fictionalized versions of themselves.

In "Phantom Society," Patrick Eleanor Cassels. Emily drowned in the sink at an In-N-Out Burger. I wouldn't survive that for sure. "[9] Conversely, Liz Shannon Miller of GigaOM described it as "deeply disappointing, given how many of CollegeHumor's web shorts rank as fantastic examples of fresh and creative online content". The "Punctuation Recession" is full of examples: Which is followed by Amir deciding that the way to not use punctuation is to, In "Wacky Hijinks from 80s Comedies Were Mostly Rape", Pat chews out Trapp and Zac for coming up with pranks to get back at Murph and Emily that qualify as sex crimes and thinking that it's a good idea to do them just because they happened in comedy films from the 1980's. It's about playing dodgeball in the bathroom, destroying computer monitors, shrinking rays, idiotic time travelers, cool English teachers and other everyday aspects of an average job.

First, Owen receives from Jeff his dead cat, killed and put on a neckchain that Owen is supposed to wear around his neck.

After they agree to instead go with pranks from more recent films, he happily agrees that they will prank Emily and Murphy by having them be tricked into eating eclairs made with dog semen like in.

"You Have GOT to Try Heroin" pokes fun at the use of the word "addictive" to describe TV shows by having Trapp enthusiastically "recommend" hard drugs solely based on that quality. My daddy pulled me aside, he said that he and our neighbor, Miss Walsh, are more than friends. It's about playing dodgeball in the bathroom, destroying computer monitors, shrinking rays, idiotic time travelers, cool English teachers and other everyday aspects of an average job. The strategy of hiring only hot girl interns backfires on the gang. In the show, the actual CollegeHumor (and CollegeHumor Show) writers play fictionalized versions of themselves.

The production crew is the same team responsible for the original comedy videos that CollegeHumor produces. In "Spitballing" Murph memorably demonstrates "snowballing": Throughout "Wolfenstein" it becomes increasingly clear that Owen's grandfather is not only a former Nazi but a high-ranking member of Hitler's inner circle. In "Beef Gurewitch," the titular delicacy is described by Sam as smelling "like vagina and paint. | She was sitting at home alone staring at a box full of my old teeth!

| In "Suck It Out," Amir spills food on his jeans and he and his coworkers gang up to convince Pat to suck the stain out of the seat. it's revealed that he was bitten by a venomous spider and Dan and Jake cheer his death throes and then his funeral as if they're continued examples of this. Fucked to death by regular robot! The "Time Traveler" series has Roderick, a vaguely Victorian-looking character with a permanent case of.

Josh Ruben as Trip, an insensitive magician that the CH boys attempt to set up with Sarah. CollegeHumor People CollegeHumor Staffs (Not exhaustive) Amir Blumenfeld Patrick Cassels Kevin Corrigan David Fishel Dan Gurewitch Jordan Hall Jake Hurwitz Ben Joseph Brian Murphy Willie Muse Adam Newman Sam Reich GeekTyrant

Typically, they have little to no impact in the video (and don't have any lines), but some videos avert this to varying degrees, such as "Sarah's Revenge", "Fired Up", and Jake and Amir's "Dating Coach". Tubefilter News Hardly Working: Name Droppers Pat, David, and Emily don’t want you to know the many, many famous people they’ve met. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WebVideo/HardlyWorking. ", Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated, he himself is actually the person whom he's been talking about. Patrick and Streeter are accused of murder the day after the. Watch Hardly Working - Season 2009, Episode 10.14.09 - Hardly Working: Mangina: Anything you can do, I can do grosser. But now, as J&A concludes and the articles venture into listicle territory, I don't see myself visiting CH as often. They've been to every party they can't get into. In "Hiccups," the office is prejudiced against "hiccuppers," which leads to Pat being shunned, mistreated and finding his desk covered with water glasses when he's caught hiccupping. In "Phantom Sarah-nade," the Phantom accidentally admits to breaking into Sarah's apartment to watch her sleep. On top of that, my daughter needs braces.

Shit! Check out our editors' picks for our favorite Prime Video original movies and TV series, including Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, "Fleabag," and more. Pat meets the star of “Rushmore”, “Ghostbusters”, and his worst nightmare. [10] The show was cancelled after six episodes. Really wish people would stop shooting themselves! ", "Sometimes, I buy chicken breasts...just to feel...other flesh...against mine. | Sam Grossman is an executive in charge of production. Yeah, it's starting to feel like the second we stop talking about it, then it'll happen, y'know? Raph as a "rap snob," wearing a tweed jacket and. | Hardly Working - What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done. Stream full episodes of Hardly Working season 12 online on The Roku Channel.

Mommy caught them yucky-wrestling and now Daddy's moving far, far away where he can't drink angry juice and make Mommy sad. Look what wonders mankind has wrought!

By working together, we can become less powerful than you could possible imagine. ", Ricky Van Veen (front center) has since begun working at the parent company, and Sarah Schneider (far left) left to join the writing staff of, flirt with, go on a date with and have sex with.


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