When specifically asked if any of their exports carry halal certification, you will either be ignored or get the same response again. Be sure to check out the Halal certified list also, FYI halal certified list, which is also updated regularly.

****************. If we were to start with 9/11, and prove that to be a totally orchestrated event, with the cooperation of mainstream media, the US and CIA, then could one conclude that the global conflict we are facing today is not being attacked by the conspiracers, it is being aided by the conspiracers? The high quality of our product is guaranteed due to careful, detailed and systematic veterinary inspections. The Old Cheddar Cheese Co and Heritage Country Cheese are no longer listed. While we had hoped the government would act on the findings of the inquiry, they have done nothing. Tags: Our quality and highly demanded brands are what sets us aside. GUTLESS POLITICIANS, UNITE DO NOT TAKE SHIT. Browse Halal Food Products in Australia by Brands and Manufacturers. Why is it that the people can see the problems, but governments refuse to accept, or act, in the best interest of your nation? **************** Article from the Australian Daily Telegraph, From the article: ““What they say to the Australian companies is that if they don’t get the ­certification they won’t be able to sell in those countries.”. But are you an adventurous [...], Vino, wine, vin, wine, everyone likes a glass of it. The simplest way to avoid halal certified products is to get the, Petition to producers – Cancel your halal certification. An important message from an ex muslim. Non Halal believes that a business that supports halal certification should be boycotted whenever possible, not only the outlet that is “halal certified” but all outlets in the chain. Boycotting is getting through to producers slowly, but take the time to TELL them that you are one of the many who will continue to boycott any producer that supports halal certification. “The Australian senate is launching an inquiry into food certification and labelling in the wake of concerns over halal certification. Confirmed.

With our trusted partners, we provide the best of services and quality Customer Services. Our products are exported to more than 145 countries, throughout five continents. We’ve got all beef and chicken parts available for sale. Print out the pdf and fold in half to make a handy shopping guide – lists all current non halal brands or products listed under “Non halal brands” on the right. And what is even better than [...], In the United States, beef jerky is standard in the store shelves between snacks. Due to the policy followed by the company, we are conceived in the market as a reliable, honest and trustworthy exporters and distributors of fresh & frozen meat. The first thing that is said is we are not breaking the law by not labeling things halal. We do complete engagement from processing to delivery and logistics services too. They are no longer listed as their websites no longer work and one apparently went into receivership. Halal certification funds the spread of islam. Don’t bother posting to his page because he deletes any comment that hits a nerve, and only leaves comments that entertain him. We are Best producers, exporters, and suppliers of Quality Frozen Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Pork by-products; thus, we only source meat products from well-established producers with excellent reputations with, Close relationships with our suppliers over the years enable us to offer our customers a consistent supply of quality meat and, Our products are exported to more than 145 countries, throughout five continents. Maybe its time to change the law. Firstly, apologies to supporters, as there hadn’t been any updates for quite some time. Inglewood farms or Macro are the biggest non halal chicken producer in the A quick and simple mobile friendly website, listing Halal food and grocery products in Coles, Woolworths, IGA, ALDI and other grocery stores in Australia.


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