Its additional effects vary depending on the user's environment. Nature Power becomes a different damaging move depending on the environment that the battle is being conducted in. During the effect, the power of Grass-type attacks used by grounded Pokemon is multiplied by 1.5, the power of Bulldoze, Earthquake, and Magnitude used against grounded Pokemon is multiplied by 0.5, and grounded Pokemon have 1/16 of their maximum HP, rounded down, restored at the end of each turn, including the last turn. Secret Power is an offensive Normal-type move. Certain Abilities are activated under certain terrains. If a Pokémon is holding one of these four held items when the appropriate terrain is created, or switches in while the appropriate terrain is in effect, the item will be consumed and boost one of the holder's stats by one stage. Psychic Terrain can be invoked by a certain Z-Move as well. Secret Power gains a 30% chance to put the target to Sleep. Restores 1/16 HP to all Pokémon on the ground each turn. Terrain normally lasts for 5 turns regardless of how it is created, but if the Pokémon with that move or Ability held a Terrain Extender when the terrain was put into effect, it lasts 8 turns. The mechanic was introduced in Generation VI. The effect and animation are determined by environment., In a building or plain terrain, Secret Power may paralyze and takes, On sand or rock, Secret Power may lower accuracy by one stage, and takes, In a cave, Secret Power may cause flinching and takes, When surfing or underwater, Secret Power may lower attack by one stage, and takes, In a volcanic area, Secret Power may burn, and takes, In a snowy or icy area, Secret Power may freeze, and takes. During the effect, the power of Grass-type attacks used by grounded Pokemon is multiplied by 1.3, the power of Bulldoze, Earthquake, and Magnitude used against grounded Pokemon is multiplied by 0.5, and grounded Pokemon have 1/16 of their maximum HP, rounded down, restored at the end of each turn, including the last turn. It is clear to see that the main bonus Grassy Terrain offers is the power boost to Grass Type moves.

In grass and Grassy Terrain, Secret Power may cause sleep, and takes Vine Whip's animation; In Misty Terrain, Secret Power may lower the target's Special Attack by one stage and uses Fairy Wind's animation.

They cannot be destroyed while terrain until they return. The user attacks the target with a secret power. Terrain causes moves that vary with environment to ignore the current location and determine their effect based on the terrain, regardless of whether the move's user is on the ground. Nature Power gains priority from Prankster, despite always calling a damaging move in games that Prankster exists.Effects that depend on a move's type (such as Pixilate and Gems) will be executed based on the type of the move Nature Power becomes. Gives Secret Power the added effect of Sleep and gives it Vine Whip's animation. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For 5 turns, the terrain becomes Grassy Terrain.

Just in case anybody had an questions, let me just state what grassy terrain does right here: Grass type moves get choice specs (Grass moves get boosted by 1.5) Earthquake becomes base power … Causes Natural objects to disappear while in effect. Terrain can be removed using certain moves. Effects. In versions 1.03 and beyond, it is located on Route 6, next to a rock near the stairs near Camper Luigi. Activates Grassy Seed., Generation VIII onwards only. Grassy Terrain creates a low-lying grassy field lasting 5 turns, that restores the HP of grounded Pokémon each turn, by 1 ⁄ 16 of their maximum HP. For 5 turns, the terrain becomes Grassy Terrain. In Electric Terrain, Secret Power may paralyse the target and uses Thunder Shock's animation. Only one type of terrain may be present at a time, with any new terrain put in place overwriting the previous terrain. Natural objects disappear and cannot be destroyed while terrain is in effect. Terrain (Japanese: フィールド field) is a type of field effect in the Pokémon games that affects Pokémon on the ground. Camouflage causes the user to become a Grass Type. In battle, there is often no initial terrain, but it can be changed by Pokémon's moves and Abilities. It is TM43, and was originally intended to be in Angelure Town. There are four types of terrain: Electric Terrain, Grassy Terrain, Misty Terrain, and Psychic Terrain. A terrain can be removed using any of the following moves.

Lowers the target's, Power is increased and hits all opposing Pokémon if used on Psychic Terrain, Restores up to ⅔ of the target's maximum HP if used on Grassy Terrain, Base power is increased by 50% if used on Misty Terrain, Power doubles when the target is on Electric Terrain, Power doubles and changes type depending on the terrain, While Electric Terrain is active, doubles the, Psychic Terrain is the only terrain to not be introduced in. Secret Power deals damage and has a 30% chance of inducing a secondary effect on the opponent, depending on the environment. Secret Power inflicts damage and has a 30% chance of causing a secondary effect. Each terrain has a corresponding move, Max Move, and Ability that will create it. Pokémon Uranium Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The power of Grass type moves also increases by 50% while in effect, and the moves Earthquake, Magnitude, and Bulldoze halve in power.. Effects. The move's animation also changes, reusing that of a specific attack for each terrain. Generations 6-7

Halves the damage taken from Bulldoze, Earthquake, and Magnitude. Pokémon that are in the semi-invulnerable turn of a move are considered to not be on the ground for the purposes of terrain. The item will activate regardless of whether or not the Pokémon is grounded. Misty Terrain: Halves the damage taken by Pokémon on the ground from Dragon-type moves. Some moves can have their effects changed depending on the terrain.

Grassy Terrain: Increases the power of Grass-type moves used by Pokémon on the ground by 50% Gen. VI-VII /30% Gen. VIII. Earthquake, Magnitude, and Bulldoze damage is halved.


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