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Lyrics.com. Super Junior-M Goodbye My Love Lyrics from 2nd Album with english translation, romanization and individual parts. Lyrics to Goodbye My Love by Helene Fischer from the The English Ones album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! FAVORITE Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! I would have to be happy for lose you But when you cry, I don’t want to remember you like that I understand you regret and say that you don’t need me, My Love My Love My Love Say goodbye to you for me is like something is buried on my chest So Long So Long Goodbye To walk on a good road and not to stop with a person of tears Good bye my love, Cengjing ai shi name zhire xianzai que lengle Cengjing name qinmi shenme shihou moshengle Na shi women ye yongyouguo kuaile Na shi you ni qinglang xiaorong, Shijian shi canren de lengfeng ba xingfu bingdong Wo zai ni de yan li yue lai yue zhao bu dao kuaile que zong kanjian chenzhong Wo dong ni mei shuo chu de tong Ni kewangzhe xin de tiankong, My Love My Love My Love Gaobie ruguo wo lai shuo ni hui bu hui shao xie nanguo So Long So Long Good Bye Wo hui xiaozhe zhidao ni beiying xiaoshi zai wo shijie de jintou, Naxie ni liu xia de jiyi wo bu shede diu Naxie yiqi jingguo de rizi ni haishi wangle hui zou de geng qingsong Qing ni fangxin de qu xingfu Wo hui hao de huiguo de haohao de hui zhufu ni kuaile, Mingtian de ci shi cike ni zai nali hui zai ganshenme Yihou ni de kuaile ni de shiluo congci zaibu hui you wo Dan ni kuqi de shihou ruguo ni huan yuanyi zhen de jide wo Gaosu wo wo peizhe ni nanguo ni buyong haipa wo xintong, My Love My Love My Love Gaobie ruguo wo lai shuo ni hui bu hui shao xie nanguo So Long So Long Good Bye Wo hui xiaozhe zhidao ni beiying xiaoshi zai shijie jintou, My Love My Love My Love Zaijian yao xiaosa de shuo bie zou jiu mai zai wo xiongkou So Long So Long Good Bye Yao wanmei de song ni zou ranhou yanlei liu gei yige ren shihou Good Bye My Love. Playlist, Written by: IRMA HOLDER, JEAN FRANKFURTER, MARY APPLEGATE. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Lyrics to 'Goodbye My Love, Goodbye' by Demis Roussos: Hear the wind sing a sad, old song It knows I'm leaving you today Please don't cry or my heart will break When I go on my way Home » Artists S » Super Junior M » Super Junior-M – Goodbye My Love Lyrics, We used to love warmly, but now we’re cold Once we were so intimate like strangers but we had happiness too and also your brilliant smile, Time frozen so cruelly without hapiness Your tired eyes can’t find my hapiness I know you never said something about pain and now you’re longing for a new sky, My Love My Love My Love Goodbye, if this is how you can’t have more sadness So Long So Long Goodbye I’ll smile when you disappear at the end of my world, The memories you left me I will not be prepared to let them go As time passes you will be able to forget me easily Please, don’t worry and be happy I’ll be better longing for your happiness, At this moment , Where would you be tomorrow?


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