I mean, I live in New York, and there’s still a bajillion things going on. I had wanted to have a few things backlogged before the year started, but that didn’t end up happening. But there is this difference: whereas the AMC drama re-creates, and even (sometimes inadvertently) celebrates, the much-maligned culture of Organization Men, Stepford Wives, and three-martini lunches, 1959 returns to the familiar theme of how the hipsters and Beats of the Fifties set the stage for the Sixties counterculture, which would ultimately overthrow the squares. Especially for Miles – it’s such a seminal year for him, and for John Coltrane. Like The Beats, or hippies, or rock ‘n’ roll – they all sort of get a scene, and for some reason jazz doesn’t get a scene. A more significant—indeed glaring—omission is Pope John XXIII’s announcement of the Second Vatican Council in January 1959, the consequences of which would prove as far-reaching as anything Kaplan recounts. I don’t know if it’ll change anything. But many crucial events did occur in 1959: Castro’s Cuban revolution and the beginning of significant U.S. intervention in Vietnam; NASA’s selection of the first American astronauts and the Soviets’ unmanned Lunik 2 mission to the moon; the patenting of the integrated circuit and IBM’s marketing of the first business computer; the submission of the birth control pill for FDA approval; the opening of the Guggenheim museum and the rise to fame of Rauschenberg and Johns; the publication of Burroughs’s Naked Lunch and the collapse of obscenity laws; and in popular music, the founding of Motown Records and the release of Davis’s Kind of Blue and Brubeck’s Time Out. There’s obviously a benefit to deep and thorough expertise. It may be evaluated as a background music at best(which I will do so after spending a solid 25-USD on it; fool me, I missed the opportunity to pay 1-USD for that album!). It was It really is brilliant. You just mentioned Ornette at the Five Spot. about American foreign policy in the early 21st century, 1959: Fred Kaplan is a columnist for “ Slate,” a Pulitzer Prize -winning former staff reporter for the “Boston Globe, ” and the author of six books, including “The Bomb” and “1959: The Year Everything Changed.” A record reviewer for “ Stereophile,” he has also written about jazz for Or perhaps the more apposite pop-music comparison would be to Donald Fagen’s album The Nightfly, with its bittersweet nostalgia for the New Frontier period.

His latest album.

But 1959: The Year Everything Changed purports to be more than mere nostalgia, and it is. But I won’t avoid the obvious targets; I don’t want this to be just for the super jazz nerds. nukes were a big issue; the major newspapers were hiring “experts” She could be raucous or elegant, bluesy or lyrical, sometimes all four at once.

Elaborations, with sound clips (often links to entire tracks) can be found in the version that I've written of this for my main gig at. The best of these latter-day fusions combine the most imaginative qualities of the music’s various elements—complexity, soul, wit, and swing—and the distinctive flavorings of the artist at the helm. This is their music; and by melding it with jazz, they’re being true to the jazz tradition. In grad school, I have an emotional investment in this, which why I’m able to do it. My day gig (national-security columnist for. By Category Vinyl Record (1) 180 Gram Vinyl Record (1) By Label Original Jazz Classics (1) Pure Pleasure Records (Candid) (1) Change how search results are displayed But the There’s really such an abundance of information from this period — newspapers and magazines and video and audio. An arrangement of notes can convey a feeling or a mood; an arrangement of words must convey a meaning as well. If you like the album, they also produced live videos of all the songs (available on their website or youtube.com). a Winter Term with the Citizens Action Program in Chicago), until I was The way the world functioned around them is kind of lost. drawn to the chessboard allure of International Relations. And how else is it helpful for you?

I’m going to do my best. Biography Fred Kaplan is definitely best-remembered in blues history as an associate from the immortal Hollywood Body fat Band, but a lot more so, he belongs within the pedestal of Angeleno blues pioneers. Website Management by Chloe Art and Design. the next summer for a tenants’ rights group in Harlem and spent More detailed message would go here to provide context for the user and how to proceed. Blossom Dearie, Sarah Vaughan, Anita O’Day. In this, it’s like that other recent homage to the era Kaplan recounts, television’s Mad Men—and like it, too, in that it seldom lets preachy social commentary interfere with telling a good story. In fact I also suggest a DJ music lover to listen Jarre's Teo&Tea before jumping on the grounds of a disco and wallowing in ignorance. Most of my research has been online, using ProQuest and other digital archives. I haven’t read the Fred Kaplan book, but I know about it and will check it out. Jazz has such a long and complicated and rich history that’s so connected to what’s happening now. Jazz has always been a hybrid art. Do you think having a diversified field of coverage, rather than sticking to a lane, is something that would benefit more jazz journalists? So this is my compromise: I can make use of the resources I have without completely casting aside the work I’ve done up to this point and starting over, which is what grad school would be. We’re a few days into a 365-day campaign. At age 62, pianist Fred Hersch is playing as rousingly and rivetingly as ever. Just even looking at the stuff I’ve posted so far, thinking about the fact that Quincy Jones is talking about what Count Basie taught him about tempo — and then you consider what Quincy went on to do in his career. When one considers the “combines” of a Rauschenberg, the “happenings” of an Allan Kaprow, or the “compositions” of a John Cage, it’s evident that they aren’t so much works of art or music as statements about art and music, statements that supposedly only the artist himself could evaluate. Gladstone since 1983. Or will you pull some counterprogramming move, and swerve toward something else? Geri Allen, one of the great jazz pianists, died on Tuesday, of cancer, at the terribly young age of 60. I think philosophically, yes, I wish it were more common for more people to write about jazz who aren’t jazz writers – though in practice it sometimes annoys me, because understanding jazz history is crucial to covering it. That’s amazing! She made wondrous, rousing, deeply felt music from all eras and styles, with collaborators of all stripes or solo. But by default I want to make it inclusive to a lot more than the greatest hits. It allows you to position yourself there in the audience in this very immediate way. I want to read a passage from Page 1 of that book, and see whether it resonates with you. at M.I.T., I immersed myself in the still-headier world of nuclear strategy, We’ll see whether that happens. Guess I'd better take a listen to In Rainbows for myself! Not sure I'm completely with Crouch on this, for I like plenty of "out" music, but still prefer to feel, if only by implication, some blues sensibility at the root of the music.

My college thesis, the takeaway was not fundamentally dissimilar from the way you ended your recent column. Edward Feser is the author of The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism and, most recently, of Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide. Great post, but since when is Nick Drake a "Broadway songmeister"?

Does that mean we won’t see a March 9 post for the recording of Kind of Blue? Nancy Aaronson There certainly is a narrative about 1959 as a point of change.


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