Scientific Name: Oncidium (on-SID-ee-um). CS (Coastal South) / Zone 9, TS (Tropical South) / Zone 10, TS (Tropical South) / Zone 11, Southern Living is part of the Meredith Home Group. planting zones : CS (Coastal South) / Zone 9, TS (Tropical South) / Zone 10, TS (Tropical South) / Zone 11. Produces 3 inches panicles of light green-yellow bracts and yellow flowers with red spots. Oncidium Sw. – dancing-lady orchid. Some of the best Oncidium alliance hybrids originate from Oncidium tigrinum and Oncidium incurvum, when crossed with Odontoglossums, although hybridization possibilities of this group of orchids are endless, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of excellent hybrids in the Oncidium alliance. Once an Oncidium has finished blooming, let the flowers fall off on their own and wait to cut the stem back until it is entirely dead. [6][5] The Royal Horticultural Society system, the World Checklist of Monocots database[9] and the American Orchid Society have already updated their databases to reflect most of these changes. A good way to check if it is time to water an Oncidium is by putting a wooden popsicle stick or chopstick into the pot and seeing if only the end comes out wet. Oncidium orchids, also commonly known as “Dancing Lady” orchids, are known for their vibrant colors and uniquely shaped flowers. © Copyright 2020 Smithsonian Institution. Orchids not getting enough light have dark green leaves, while orchids getting too much light can have red-tinted leaves. These small, delicate-flowered members of the ginger family are native to Southeast Asia. My Tropical Plants Finder. Native Introduced Native and Introduced. Has short panicles of purple bracts and yellow flowers. 51: 46, "World Checklist of Selected Plant Families: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew", "Floral convergence in Oncidiinae (Cymbidieae; Orchidaceae): an expanded concept of Gomesa and a new genus Nohawilliamsia",, "Genera Orchidacearum Volume 5 Epidendroideae (Part II)Edited by Alec M. Pridgeon, Phillip Cribb, Mark W. Chase, and Finn N. Rasmussen",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Another group has extremely small pseudobulbs and stiff, erect, solitary, Formerly there was a third group, called the Variegata or equitant oncidiums. Some Oncidium orchids are very long : Oncidum altissimum and Oncidium baueri can grow to a height of 5 m, while Oncidum sarcodes can reach 3 m. They are known as 'spray orchids' among some florists. This genus was first described by Olof Swartz in 1800 with the orchid Oncidium altissimum, which has become the type species. This makes them very popular with orchid enthusiasts. Popular names: Dancing lady orchids, tiger orchids. The Plants Database includes the following 8 species of Oncidium . Bulbils are often found inside the bracts and if planted promptly will produce new plants. If it does, it is time to water. Oncidiums belong to a large and diverse family of orchids whose common name comes from the shape of its highly modified, ruffled flower. Easy to grow if fertilized and kept moist during the growing season and fed with a balanced controlled-release fertilizer in early spring and again in midsummer. This refers to the callus at the lower lip. Mauve Dancing Girl has lavender-purple bracts and golden yellow flowers; panicles may reach 810 inches long. they form the Oncidium alliance. The need for water can vary widely from Oncidium to Oncidium. Where should I put my orchid?

Arcula no. Most make good cut flowers. Dancing Lady Orchids have sashayed their way across the map, and can be found throughout much of South America, Central America, Mexico, the West Indies, and even Florida. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Plants should be watered thoroughly with lukewarm to room temperature water every two to ten days, when the planting media is half dry. Oncidium altissimum. While these orchids are mainly epiphytic (growing in trees), their habitats are so diverse that they can be one of the more challenging orchids for beginners. Air circulation provided by an overhead fan will help combat problems caused by high humidity. 24-36" tall. Southern Living is a registered trademark of, These Haircuts Are Going To Be Huge in 2021, The Best Casserole Recipes for Cozy Nights In, Use These Quick Tricks to Keep a Halloween Pumpkin from Rotting, 50 Books Everyone Should Read in Their Lifetime. Space 112 feet apart. Oncidium ampliatum Lindl. They are very varied and are easily hybridised with Odontoglossum. Subordinate Taxa. However, they are … 12: 298-311. Foliage of 'Red Leaf' has maroon undersides. New species of the genera Masdevallia, Oncidium and Sigmatostalix. dancing girl ginger. "[5] The American Orchid Society labeled this genus a "dumping ground. Resume watering gradually in spring. 2006. Its name is derived from the Greek word ὀγκος, "onkos", meaning "swelling". These oval, broad and spongy leaves act as storage organs. Lindleyana : The scientific journal of the American Orchid Society. J. Learn how to season this Southern kitchen staple in five easy steps. To help your Oncidium thrive, keep some simple growing tips in mind.

In: Polish Bot. Has 6 inches panicles of rosy purple bracts and bright yellow flowers. Much of this debate and subsequent housekeeping was initiated by significant research for the scientific publication Genera Orchidacearum Volume 5. Scientific Name: Oncidium (on-SID-ee-um) Oncidiums belong to a large and diverse family of orchids whose common name comes from the shape of its highly modified, ruffled flower. Oncidium, abbreviated as Onc. (Panama) (now a synonym of the accepted name Chelyorchis ampliata (Lindl.) My orchid has finished blooming – now what? They usually occur in seasonally dry areas. To view the status of the Smithsonian’s other museums and zoo visit The vast majority will do well placed near an east, west, or south facing window with a sheer curtain to diffuse the light and provide the dappled shade these tree-growing orchids are used to. Most species in the Oncidium genus are epiphytes, although some are lithophytes or terrestrials. The petals and the lip are membranaceous.

They are perfectly suited for container gardens. This orchid needs moderate humidity of at least 40%, but is happy with up to 70% humidity. The lip is enormous, partially blocking the small petals and sepals. Dressler & N.H.Williams in G.A.Romero & G.Carnevali, 2000 ) Oncidium andradeanum (Ecuador to Peru). Koniger, W. 2003. Oncidium amictum (SE. [8] As a result, much of the information in this article is now deprecated, but still of great value. They grow upright to 13 feet tall; leaves are lustrous green sheaths, and graceful, spidery flowers bloom in summer or fall among long, arching sprays of brightly colored bracts. Tribe: Oncidieae Subtribe: Oncidiinae Number of recognized species: About 300, according to AOS. In cold-winter areas, bring indoors before frost; mist to provide humidity if necessary, and stop watering during the winter to give plant a period of dormancy. Botanical Name: Oncidium (on-SID-dee-um) Abbreviation: Onc. Oncidium amoenum (Mexico).

[1][3] Common names for plants in this genus include dancing-lady orchid[4] and golden shower orchid. Genus. In 2008, Oxfords Annals of Botany labeled the Oncidium alliance "grossly polyphyletic. Lengthen the lifespan of your carved pumpkins this season. Dancing Lady Orchids have sashayed their way across the map, and can be found throughout much of South America, Central America, Mexico, the West Indies, and even Florida.

The petals are often ruffled on the edges, as is the lip. Oncidium amabile (Brazil). Orchidaceae – Orchid family. They can be divided in three categories, according to their growth pattern: Oncidium species are characterised by the following properties : The flowers of the genus Oncidium come in shades of yellow, red, white and pink. They thrive at 60-65° F at night, and 70-85° F during the day. Origin: Central and South America Blooming season: Depends, but mostly autumn to winter water : Regular Water. Amaryllis Belladonna have fragrant light-pink flowers appear in mid-August once their green foliage has died back, giving them the common name of “Naked Ladies.” Natives to South Africa they do well in the southwest and other hot, dry locations.

Oncidium altissimum : "Wydler's dancing-lady orchid" (Jamaica). My Tropical Plants Finder: Oncidium 'Golden Shower', Dancing Lady Orchid. Their flowers are most complicated with exquisite colors. They have no pseudobulbs, giving fan-shaped shoots of less than 15 cm, with triangular section leaves. The trendy haircuts you’ll be seeing everywhere next year. As presently conceived (May 2014), it is distributed across much of South America, Central America, Mexico and the West Indies, with one species (O. ensatum) extending into Florida.

One significant change is the move of most Brazilian Oncidium with a fused lateral sepal to the genus Gomesa. The sepals are somewhat fleshy. "[6] After DNA testing and much debate, a consensus was announced (April 2013)[7] resulting in major taxonomic changes to Oncidium, Gomesa, Odontoglossum, Miltonia, and others. Oncidium Golden Shower, Oncidium Dancing Lady Orchid, Pictures, scientific name, common name and origin of flora of Malaysia. in the horticultural trade,[2] is a genus that contains about 330 species of orchids from the subtribe Oncidiinae of the orchid family (Orchidaceae). type : Perennials. Sign up for the Smithsonian Gardens Newsletter. How much water should I give it?

Oncidium (Dancing Lady Orchid): In-Depth Care Guide. A good general rule is that Oncidiums with thicker roots and leaves will not need to be watered as frequently as those with thinner leaves. These orchids are now classified as, Harry Zelenko :The Pictorial Encyclopaedia of Oncidium (1997).

Scientific Name: Globba winkii 'Pristiana Pink' Common Name: Pink Dancing Ladies: Plant Type: Deciduous: Leaf Type: Broadleaf: Hardiness Zone: 8, 9, 10, 11 Determine Your Zone: Height: 1-2 feet: Spread: to 1 foot: Bloom time: Summer, Fall: Flower color: Pink: Light Exposure: Filtered Shade, Shade: Drainage: Well drained, Moist: Rate of Growth: Fast: Water Requirement: Medium sun exposure : Partial Shade, Filtered Light. What about humidity?

Together with other closely related genera (Cochlioda, Miltonia, Cuitlauzina, Miltoniopsis, Osmoglossum, Leochilus, Comparettia, Cyrtochilum, Odontoglossum, Tolumnia, Rhynchostele [formerly Lemboglossum], Psychopsis, etc.) However, it is difficult to give an Oncidium too much light. They are widespread from northern Mexico, the Caribbean, and some parts of South Florida to South America.


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