The output of the FE Series is differential (velocity) pressure used to indicate airflow quantity at the point of measurement. A test hole must be provided adjacent to every sensor. Carbon Monoxide Transmitter, 0 to 200 PPM CO, 4 to 20 mA/2 to 10 VDC outputs, rectangular enclosure, EOSC 40' (12 m) diameter; EOSW with wide angle lens 50' (15 m); EOSW with long range lens 100' (3. Horn Silence : Yes, temporary and permanent. Screw terminal. Be sure to include a brief description of the problem plus any relevant application notes.

Diameter of the mounting hole for the unit: .9 in (24 mm) mm. Field replaceable electrochemical, 4 years typical lifespan. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & … Product Applications. Dwyer Series MAFS Metal Averaging Flow Sensor. Silicon chip design is created from thin-film, thermally isolated bridge structure, containing both heater and temperature sensing elements. Grainger's got your back.

Models. The air flow measuring probe can be completely installed from the outside of round or circular ducts, making it very quick to install. MAFS-04. from the side of the duct. Without a properly working mass airflow sensor, it will be nearly impossible to keep your car running as intended. Ideal for sensing differential pressure in the inlet section of variable air volume terminal units and fan terminal units.

Determining Probe Number and Location for Round Ducts Note that in round ducts only two probes are needed. Zero only via BACnet or MODBUS® communication protocol. Connect 1/4 ?? Blade Profile Provides Enhanced Performance and Minimal Flow Disruption. Copyright © Dwyer Instruments, Inc. All Rights Reserved. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Ensure that the full length of the sensor probe is exposed to the air flow. Rosemount Annubar Averaging Pitot Tube technology is engineered with a patented T-shaped sensor for enhanced DP flow and integral process temperature measurement. Mounting : Semi flush, flush or surface mounted when using included bracket. Accuracy You Can Trust And the Data to Back It Up A faulty MAF sensor can cause your vehicle to run too rich or run too lean. The "H" port senses total pressure and the "L" port senses static pressure. The Series MAFS uses evenly distributed total and static pressure measuring points to deliver an accurate measurement of velocity pressure in a duct. Attach using two self-tapping screws inserted in the 3/16 ¿¿ mounting holes. The quantity of probes needed does not depend on size of the duct. All PCI primary sensing elements (Flow Sensing Elements [FE Series] and Pressure Sensing Elements [PE Series]) are multi-point self-averaging devices. They can also be used to sense differential pressure at other locations in the main,

15 to 90% RH constant; 0 to 99% RH intermittent. ), Screw the base of the sensor housing to the ceiling through the knockout holes. Loosen the screw on the bottom of the sensor and remove the cover. 15 turn span and zero adjustment potentiometers.

VAV air flow measurement The "H" port senses total pressure and the "L" port senses static pressure. Maintenance:Upon final installation of the Series AVFS Air Flow Switch, no routine maintenance is required. The Series SSS-1000 Lightweight Averaging Flow Sensor From Dwyer Instruments, Inc. is ideal for sensing differential pressure in the inlet section of variable air volume terminal units and fan terminal units.

Each element shall be designed and built to comply with, and provide results in accordance with, accepted practice for duct system traversing as, defined in the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals, AMCA publication 203, as well as the Industrial Ventilation Handbook. Bends  and  creases  may  leak  over time as the tubing ages. Feed the cable through the center hole on the back of the sensor housing. AVFS-2 24 VDC +/-25%. Mass Transmount A Mass Transmount flow system should be selected on steam and Averaging flow sensor, 3-5/32" (8.02 cm) insertion length.

For example, if the onboard sensor is being averaged with a remote sensor it could look like this: Onboard Sensor = 78° Be the first to know when we have news, discounts, special offers and promotions.

Averaging flow sensor, 17-1/8" (43.50 cm) insertion length. In order to determine where to place your probes, divide the short duct dimension by number of probes.

Via pushbuttons using A-449 auxiliary display. Connect  the  “L”  Port  to  the  low  input  on  the  differential pressure gage, transmitter, or switch. Temperature: 400°F (204°C); Gasket: -31 to 230°F (-35 to 110°C). With its lightweight and durable construction, in addition to its ease of installation, the MAFS flow sensor lends itself superbly to applications in the HVAC industry. EnOcean® ceiling mount occupancy sensor, 868 MHz, EnOcean® ceiling mount occupancy sensor, 902 MHz. Relay Output Low Air Flow Alarm :5 A @ 250 VAC. Please, Series DH Digihelic® Differential Pressure Controller, Series MS Magnesense® Differential Pressure Transmitter, Series DHII Digihelic® Differential Pressure Controller, Series DH3 Digihelic® Differential Pressure Controller, Series MS2 Magnesense® II Differential Pressure Transmitter, Blade design limits disruption of air stream, Flange mount for rectangular or square ducts, T: +1 800.872.9141 +1 219.879.8000 F: +1 219.872.9057. Developed from aerospace technology, the Verabar averaging pitot flow sensor provides unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. Averaging Flow Sensor is ideal for sensing differential pressure in the inlet section of variable air volume terminal units and fan terminal units. Switch can be mounted in any horizontal duct. The Series MAFS is ideal for use with Dwyer Instruments, Inc. precision air velocity gages, transmitters and switches.


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