Seed 9 on large, large island, archipelago has 4 large inner island starting points and doesn't seem to matter which AI or pirates you choose. With the below changes, we are bringing this buff in line with others in the game, both in the way the calculations work and the potential power level. Thank you for this detailed explanation. Or do we have to wait for the first dlc before we can get a nice big isle? Currently, the newspaper productivity buff is calculated differently from other buffs in the game, such as items or electricity, which can be confusing to players. If I understand correctly, you start with a harbor (and not only your flagship)?

Plus it have Oil! Anno 1800. share. Build as many farmers houses you can cause you will need many of them (once commuter Pier comes into play). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, A subreddit dedicated the video game series Anno. Still, a fantastic map. 12.05.2020; Hey Anno Community, while it is still a while to go before Bright Harvest will further expand your Anno 1800 experience, we want to take this opportunity to already make you aware of two important changes that will happen at the same time as part of Game Update 8. Going forward, the productivity buff provided by the newspaper will no longer multiply the buffs provided by other effects and will instead be added to them.

Anno 1800 seeds. It has potatos to keep your Farmers Happy and also Red Pepper and Grapes for main Island! i just take out all the npcs for their land and trade with the normal traders for ship equipment / people / animals and make friends with the pirates for good trading or if u want just blockade the pirate in new world until he sends his fleet at u like he does at times and since they group up 1-2 mortars and 2-3 sotl is enough to take them out usually, the loot u get from pirates is very nice when u do this. No, you will have to start a new game, as that is when the maps are generated. / .

I think it's the short distance that helps a lot. The isles are nice but I want to get a really big one. Here is an example to make things clearer, (100% + electricity boost + item boost + other boosts) * newspaper boost, 100% + electricity boost + item boost + other boosts + newspaper boost. 5092 KB/Sec: 7 hours ago: 1120: OST Anno 1800 Torrent. I think it depends on your settings/random, for me they were at the bottom, Yeap you start with a Harbor and a Flagship which have Wood and Iron on it, so you can immediately go to a second Island.

What to do? I also get Cigarretes, Pocket Watches and Chocolate from trader too. The estimated total investors are 27,950.

Press J to jump to the feed. Later (Commuter Pier) you will also get Zinc and Copper from here and 2 Limestones too! It also have Cotton and Caoutchouc to export to Old world (Along with Coffee and Rum).

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Fantastic map, sadly no matter what presets I choose, I spawn at the bottom left, leaving someone else to get the far most superior starter island no matter what. This way I keep my other Islands and my population clear from polution!

lost my fav map thanks to updates And Graphics drop? These are also in very good spot too! But thankfully, u/Dalexy has created a mod that let you play the game with the old map generator. The isles are nice but I want to get a really big one. Latest patch changed the way maps are generated and so all seeds for pre-patch maps dont work now. save.

I send all my Minerals and have all the "heavy" Production here. The second topic we want to talk about today are changes to the productivity buffs provided by newspapers. © 2020 Ubisoft Entertainment. yeah sadly anno never had too many different islands, wish they would add some kind of procedural generation instead of having a hand full of premade islands. Where do you find the map seed after you've started a game? A Town of culture and education. You will need the Worker Workforce when Commuter Pier comes to play, and you can keep your main Island with only T3-T5 Houses. Let me explain why :P. First of all the settings. There are about 10 islands that can hold a moderate population as well as 4 the can hold a very small population. EDIT: As people report it seems that fertility and resources are not depended only on seed number. Main Island: It is a Great Island. But thankfully, ... ANNO 1800 is something that has been helping me overcome the pandemic since it started and I truly appreciate the time and effort the Devs have put into it. You only need to import Cotton (as always) and Red Pepper, which you get it from Farmers Island! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Did you post your bug in our Anno 1800 forum? I get the same resources and fertilities. No, thank you. I also do not have a logistics nightmare like I usually do. You will not have to wait for resources to arrive for production! I also trade more minerals from the trader:

anno 1800 seeds, OST Anno 1800 Direct Download. ANNO, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries. One place doesn't get a chance to use up all the resources before they get restocked and having a farmers only island is a dream. Or do we have to wait for the first dlc before we can get a nice big isle? This unification of the way buffs are calculated also means that info tips listing all the applied productivity buffs will be easier to understand. I also want the same thing too :) potato, grain, hops and fur on main island, red pepper nearby! We are not always answering every single Bug report but we have a dedicated team making sure that all reports are getting added to our internal bug collection tool and then evaluated by our team. This is my best map/save so far! Oh you can play with Pirates for sure :P But you need to activate only 2 AI :P You can also chose the difficult AI too! I always use 2017. Also have all 3 traders on. Unfortunately you have to pick the same settings as me, mean that you have to chose the 1star ladies as opponent and no pirates! other settings are the same.

This island have no citizens, only use workforce with commuter pier! I get gold from mineral trader in Old world.

But thanks for the tips, I may have a game with pirates to check the loot! No one is answeing my bug reports. The most recent entry Anno 1800 was released on April 16th, 2019.

Do you know where the pirates are located, if they are turned on? I play with only 2 AI opponents, normal difficulty and archipelago. The island is kinda big, has many resources (I only miss peppers, but the island right next to you has it) and the space allocation is great, too.

You can find the mod here: Very nice islands! Bonus: If you build your Trading Posts where I have the circles in the first picture above, the trading between these 3 Islands is super fast! Cons: The only Con (and that if you dont want to mess with another Island in new world) is the lack of Gold, Cigarretes and Chocolate. Couple million tier 3, plenty of spendable influence, surplus of goods and thousands of available upgrades for farmers/workers etc. And while we are at it, we will also tackle the issue of some maps having significantly more copper than zinc mines, despite game balance dictating that you should always have both resource nodes at a 1:1 ratio. New World: This is the Island I use in the New world! And a big nice island with peppers right next to it.Have tested a bunch, noted down some and here you go: 8295 is pretty nope for a mp game with friends. Haven't gotten to the new world yet using the seed since I haven't had a lot of time to play, but I'm hopeful. All Minerals from all other Islands come here for Production.

What would be really killer is for them to add a proper mod kit and allow users to create their own islands. :). 3 traders. 308. The islands are handmade, there is no secret ultra big island. The fertilities will change randomly however. I dont know if it works with 3 opponents, cause probably the Main Island will be occupied by third AI... Start: You start on the "Production Island" (as I call it), but dont build there.

Edit: Map seed 160290 (L &arch) is my new one for building a major empire.Maybe you should test out the 8295 map seed! It uses the processes in place and made popular by xforce for modding. While with the mod, we get the exact map again with same islands, fertility, etc, this time the AI occupies our "Main Island". This can make for a frustrating experience, so we are making some changes to the map generation to ensure that every fertility will be present in newly generated maps. Farmer Island: Just South of main island, is a great island to have for Farmers! Changes to map generation and seeds.

Archipelago and seed 1. In this case, you go to the "Main Island" :P, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Thats it, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it if you decide to play that map! It also has some Oil on very good position next to the Shore: 5 Oil with one building.

Furnace, Steelworks, Weapon Factory, Brass Smeltry, etc. no oponents no pirates. Are you changing the newspaper buff because I posted my 3000% Advanced Weapons manufacturing bonus on redit? All in 6 hours, with two of those letting it run while I did other things. AMM is a mod manager, game launcher, and news hub for Anno 1800. что то мои сообщения сбой дали, хотел узнать насчет минуса поисках засеивания семян заново, т.е игру придется начинать сначала или же просто снести все острова и засеивать их снова? while it is still a while to go before Bright Harvest will further expand your Anno 1800 experience, we want to take this opportunity to already make you aware of two important changes that will happen at the same time as part of Game Update 8. Which difficulty? It has everything you need to quickly advance to T4!. only 1 more clay resource. Posted by 5 days ago. Please try the settings below: Latest patch changed the way maps are generated and so all seeds for pre-patch maps dont work now. You can also build an Electricity here for Production that needs it or to boost production. 315. This thread is archived. I prefer big islands, start with grain, potato, hops and fur. I am not truly sure if it's my experience now, after so many hours in game or this map suggestion, but I am rocking this world seed for sure. The layout changes via seed, not the island size. It does NOT replace xforce's Mod Loader, but simply installs it from his github repository, and manages the mods in your mod directory through an easy to use UI. Along with the 7 Oil in the main Island is enough to keep 3 Electricity Building on main Island. So are there any nice seeds that are worth trying out? 3 Clay Pit and 2 Iron also ensures plenty of construction materials. . main island is 99% the starter island from seed 16, large islands, archipelago. Honestly I really like to play Archipelago with 7663 as seed. save. Workers Island: On the west, there is the Workers Island. Big islands all over the place, and the four central islands all have 4 clay pits, at least one mine each of limestone and copper, and at least 6 oil fields.


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