Thank you for sharing this recipe, it has been a life saver on my AIP journey. At this point in time, the good reviews out number the bad, but if I get much more negative feedback I will remove this recipe from public view, and keep it only in my private recipe files. Made this twice so far and my husband loved it. I don’t tolerate coconut flour very well. 1 cup cassava flour. 2nd time I made starit banana and 3rd time, I made banana blueberry. Thanks so much for the great feedback!! It’s so appreciated! 1teaspoonvanilla extract. The way it smells, it tastes? The first time I made this I accidentally left out the additional sugar, and it tasted totally fine to my palate. ♥, Maybe!

I’m going to make it the way you suggest today, but you noted it might be more dense without eggs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Crust is perfect. All other ingredients stayed the same. I definitely appreciate this website. Estimated nutritional info below, click on image to zoom in. What brand of Cassava flour did you use? I prefer center cut up because it’s more visually appealing. So glad to hear your son approves too!! Other than that I followed the recipe including the mixing of each ingredient separately into the bananas and applesauce (in the order listed). Thanks for your help, excited to try more recipes!! xx, So glad to hear you enjoyed this recipe too!! Inside is slightly soft and a tiny gooey. So moist and delicious!!!

Don't worry, we will never spam your inbox. 3 ripe bananas, medium size.

The test being, my husband loved it, I LOVE it, and it toasted up beautifully (in the toaster oven) so I could butter the heck out of it with non-aip goat milk butter. | Paleo Tips, Pingback: Foods to take when starting up a Paleo day by day life! ♥. Just a guess; I mixed in some fresh rhubarb in one and rhubarb and frozen blueberries in the other. Don’t try and rush this recipe by using a higher oven temperature. so good! Affiliate Disclosure: I often provide links to the ingredients and products I use. AIP friendly. So happy to have a muffin recipe on AIP!!!

xx. I also added walnuts on top, I would add them to the batter next time so they don’t toast too much. Unfortunately I am one of the people who this did not work out for. Autoimmune Paleo Samoa Girl Scout Cookies, View ForestandFauna’s profile on Facebook, View ForestandFauna’s profile on Instagram, View ForestandFauna’s profile on Pinterest, Dandy Coffee, Cupcakes, Donuts (vegan/paleo),, 30+ AIP Paleo & Vegan Recipes | Instinctual Wellbeing, AIP: The Start of Week One | Up & Atta Girl,,, Meals to raise when starting a Paleo contrivance of life! Mine also came out a bit rubbery though… do you think it has to do with the kind of tapioca used? Otto’s Cassava Flour and tapioca flour/starch have VERY DIFFERENT actions in both BAKING and your digestive system. Next make the gelatin eggs by adding 1/4 cup warm water to a small bowl.

I experienced the same problem as some others…the outside had a crust that was kind of tough and dry, but all of the inside was gooey, like batter. I let it cool completely on the counter overnight and then slice it in the morning. I have been strict AIP for 9 months and really enjoy when the recipe is actually good! 1/4 cup coconut flour. I know a slice of this paleo banana bread would make a fabulous addition to any gut healing AIP breakfast plate. The blueberry took a bit of playing around with the ingredients to get the right consistency but it was so yummy. And for those interested in trying a vegan paleo approach, you can check out this article on the truth about vegan paleo. I love to toast the slices (in the toaster oven) the next day and serve with goats milk butter. 1 tsp of lemon juice. Hey Dawn. but I’m thinking because you live above sea level (the Oregon coast range varies from 1500-4500 above sea level) that your baking is going to be different than those at lower altitudes. The failure came from me trying not to use cassava flour. But unfortunately, because we aren’t cooking together in the kitchen, it’s hard for me to guess what might have went wrong. Yes please!! Place in oven then bake for 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes or until the inside is no longer wet (or jiggly) and a knife comes out clean.


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