To find a location use the form below. ', 'sloupec_3':'Apply Effects to Outer Map', '1__1_4':'Apply hill-shading to the base map. ), Opium, fruits and nuts, handwoven carpets, wool, cotton, hides and pelts, precious and semi-precious gems, and medical herbs.

Each map type offers different information and each map style is designed for a different purpose. (pddng.length && pddng[0].hasClass('bzlk')) && !mh_touch) { // v obsahovych ne

', '4__1_2':'Political map outside. Kabul is the country’s largest urban center as well as the political, cultural and economic hub of Afghanistan. document.write(''); Maphill is more than just a map gallery. } All rights reserved. ', '2__1_2':'Cropped map. ), Muslim 99.7% (Sunni 84.7 - 89.7%, Shia 10 - 15%), other 0.3% (2009 est. Noor TV Afghanistan Live. } Satellite images and actual aerial photos used for all water areas. Clean drinking water and improved sanitation access are two points of interest for basic daily living, and Afghanistan is struggling to get these necessary resources up to par. .frprvw .img { Most Afghans live in rural areas in tribal and kinship groups. Afghanistan TV Live. To find a location use the form below. Our goal is different. Shadows drawn on a map simulate the effects of sunlight falling across the surface of the landscape. The map shows Afghanistan with cities, towns, and main roads. We unlock the value hidden in the geographic data. Muslims account for 99% of the population of Afghanistan, with between 80% and 89% practicing Sunni Islam while 10-19% are Shia. Because of the high fertility rate, the population is very young, with a median age of 18.4 years. wg_selection = new mh_Kwick('mmo_kwicks', {oddil: '1_1', wNormal: 220, wSmall: 130, wFull: 490, vertikalni: false, duration:600, durationSub:600, cNormal: '#b8b2a6', cNormalOver: '#ada698', cNormalSelectedSub: '#d9d6d2', cNormalSelectedSubOver: '#d9d6d2', cNormalSubOver: '#e5e3e0', cSelected: '#b8b2a6', cSelectedOver: '#ada698', cSelectedSelectedSub: '#d9d6d2', cSelectedSelectedSubOver: '#d9d6d2', cSelectedSubOver: '#fcfcfb', borderColor: '', border: 4, sub:true, menu:true, napoveda: true, sAuto: true, napovedy: new Hash({'1__1_1':'Physical base map.

In 2009 Afghanistan designated a portion of the Hindu Kush Mountains, known as Band-e Amir, their first national park. Please Wait For Few Seconds To Play The TV Or Tap Play! Afghanistan faces issues regarding its stability and economic standing as the population growth outpaces its economic development. Of course, there is. ', '6__1_2':'Outside area filled with a single color. //wg_jeste_co_adresa = wg_adresa_cela; Do you think the maps are too beautiful not to be painted? ', 'sloupec_4':'Select Additional Map Options'})});mh_priprav_hledani(true);mh_barvy_w.set('brv16', [16,15,30,29,22,52,26,37,68,36,19,50,13,38,23,11]);mh_barvy_h.set('brv16', [46,46,55,55,51,69,53,60,79,59,49,68,45,60,51,40]);mh_priprav_barvy(30);wg_zakryt('mmh', true, false, false, true); Of the 31 million or so Afghan residents, 42% are Pashtun, 27% Tajik, 9% Hazara, 9% Uzbek, 4% Aimak, 3% Turkmen, 2% Baloch and 4% fall into an unspecified "other" group. wg_pak.set('mmh', "$('mmh').removeProperty('style');nacteny=false;" + ' /*(function() {*/ mh_tips = new mh_Tips($$(\'#adm_map area[class^=tM]\'), { className : \'tipAtlas\', onShow: function(tip, hovered){ var styles = {}; /* bylo treba opravit v elementEnter */ styles.backgroundColor = hovered.retrieve(\'tip:backgroundColor\', \'transparent\'); tip.setStyles(styles); tip.setStyle(\'display\', \'block\'); tip.fade(0.9); }, onHide: function(tip, hovered){ tip.fade(\'out\'); } }); /* kvuli chybe v ie /united-states/california/san-mateo-county/maps/physical-map/ */ $$(\'#atlas_okenko img[class~=cvrmg]\').each(function(e) { e.removeEvents(); e.addEvent(\'mouseleave\', function() { if (mh_tips) { mh_tips.hide(); mh_tips.ted=false; } }); }); /*}).delay(333); kvuli ie*/ var pvdn_pstn = $(\'atlas_img\').getStyle(\'position\'); $(\'atlas_img\').setStyle(\'position\', \'absolute\');(function() {$(\'atlas_img\').setStyle(\'position\', pvdn_pstn);}).delay(100);'); The park contains six deep blue lakes, Band-e Gholaman, Band-e Qambar, Band-e Haibat, Band-e Panir, Band-e Pudina and Band-e Zulfiqar, all of which are separated by natural dams. mh_fade_obrazky($$('.rlf')); Batur TV Live. Just like any other image. If any of Maphill's maps inspire you to come to Kabul, we would like to offer you access to wide selection of hotels at low prices and with great customer service. As far as the ages of the population are concerned, this is another significant factor and one that is contributing to a rise in numbers overall. The drawback of the Plate Carree projection is that it doesn't make an attempt to compensate for these distortions.

Each map style has its advantages. Use the buttons for Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to share this Kabul, Afghanistan map. All areas outside of the borders of Kabul darkened. Total new cases, deaths, recovery rates, current active casses, graphs, news and twitter local updates. Shaded relief map shows topographic features of the surface.

Click to apply this effect. Savanna green color scheme enhanced with shaded relief. The second-largest city is Kandahar, with less than 400,000 people. Click to apply this effect. Afghanistan Coronavirus live update (41,935 Cases) with statistics and graphs. googletag.defineSlot('/114450422/Maphill_com_Map_adm1_BTF_BottomLeaderBoard_728x90', [728, 90], 'div-gpt-ad-Map-adm1-BTF-BottomLeaderBoard-728x90').addService(googletag.pubads()); ', '2__1_4':'Apply hill-shading to the outside map. This page was last updated on November 9, 2020, All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, Countries Exporting the Least Food Worldwide, The 10 Least Densely Populated Places in the World. if (!wg_load_jinde) wg_ad_je(); There are 19,095,081 adults in Afghanistan. Nowshak (marked on the map by a yellow triangle) which peaks at 24,446 ft. (7,485 m). There are zero public Christian churches in Afghanistan. We created Maphill to make the web a more beautiful place. wg_pamet = ''; Find out more about the country in our Afghanistan Country Profile. List of the locations in Afghanistan that our users recently searched for. /*d.setStyle('padding', '6px 9px');*/

It all culminates in the high peaks of the Hindu Kush, where extensions of the Pamir Mountains, Karakorum Mountains and the Himalayas all come together. You can embed, print or download the map just like any other image. Thanks to automating the complex process of turning data into map graphics, we are able to create maps in higher quality, faster and cheaper than was possible before. It has been said that Maphill maps are worth a thousand words. Click to select this style. Discover the beauty hidden in the maps.

No map type is the best. position: absolute; International Religious Freedom Report (2013), UN World Population Prospects (2019 Revision).

Look at Kabul from different perspectives.

jQuery.noConflict(); Afghanistan's highest point is Mt. //wg_jeste_co = 'ajax/afghanistan/kabul/maps/satellite-map/?_uvodni=1&_jtzs=a&_j[]=mm&_bi=1&_archiv=1'; ad_je_pak = (function() { Physical style for all areas outside of the borders of Kabul.

Turkmen and Uzbek are spoken in the northern regions of the country. wg_adresa_lnk=""; Political style for all areas outside of the borders of Kabul.. Shaded relief style for all areas outside of the borders of Kabul. Kabul's 2015 population is estimated at 3.1 million, which makes it the only Afghan city with a population of more than 1 million. this month: 4.9 in Ashkāsham, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. But there is good chance you will like other map styles even more. //googletag.pubads().enableSingleRequest();


About Noor TV Afghanistan: Noor TV is a Kabul based channel that has been broadcasting successfully in major provinces of Afghanistan since … Arezo tv Live. Kabul highlighted by white color. mh_atlas_img_load = (function() { $(document.body).addClass("frtlctk");mh_priprav_free();mh_priprav_pohledy(); Free map; west north east. ', '2__1_3':'Desaturate the outer map. You can copy, print or embed the map very easily. Afghan Live TV Channels. The flat satellite map represents one of many map types and styles available. It's a piece of the world captured in the image. mh_priprav_lnk(wg_adresa_lnk); Select another style in the above table and see Kabul from a different view. The depth of the waters represented by colors and enhanced by relief shading. wg_jeste_like = '';


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