The success of these mixed aldol reactions is due to two factors. The acidity of alpha hydrogens varies by carbonyl functional group as shown in the table below. In the presence of acid or base catalysts the aldol reaction is reversible, and the beta-hydroxy carbonyl products may revert to the initial aldehyde or ketone reactants. Therefore, if electrophilic substitution reactions of this kind are to take place it is necessary that nucleophilic character be established at the alpha-carbon. 06.03 Acidity and Basicity of Carbonyl Compounds - Duration: 12:10. Depending on the reaction conditions, one or all four of these hydrogens may be substituted, but none of the remaining six hydrogens on the ring react. The acid-catalyzed elimination of water is not exceptional, since this was noted as a common reaction of alcohols. stabilization of the anion formed by deprotonation. The fourth also requires knowledge of nomenclature, together with simple chemical properties..

The ketone or aldehyde is generally strongly favored in this reaction. Four examples of the C-alkylation of enolate anions in synthesis are displayed in the following diagram. In its simplest form the aldol reaction is reversible, and normally forms the thermodynamically favored product. In the case of aldehyde reactants (as in reactions #1 & 2 above), the aldol reaction is modestly exothermic and the yields are good.

α carbon is a soft base, while the carbonyl oxygen is a hard base. Indeed, the base-catalyzed loss of hydroxide anion from the enol is a conjugated analog of the base-catalyzed decomposition of a hemiacetal.

The next question focuses on possible reactions of a simple aldehyde. The exception, reaction #3, is conducted under mild conditions with an excess of the reactive aldehyde formaldehyde serving in the role of electrophilic acceptor. Some examples are shown below, and in most cases beta-elimination of water occurs under the conditions used.

ACH2CHO   +   BCH2CHO   +   NaOH     A–A   +   B–B  +  A–B   +   B–A. Because carbonyl groups are sp2 hybridized the carbon and oxygen both have unhybridized p orbitals which can overlap to form the C=O \(\pi\) bond. Because alkylations are usually irreversible, their products should reflect the inherent (kinetic) reactivity of the different nucleophilic sites. Ketones such as cyclohexanone are much more acidic than their parent hydrocarbons (by at least 25 powers of ten); nevertheless they are still very weak acids (pK a = 17 to 21) compared with water. Second, aldehydes lacking alpha-hydrogens can only function as acceptor reactants, and this reduces the number of possible products by half. All rights reserved. In particular, \(\alpha\) hydrogens are weakly acidic because the conjugate base, called an enolate, is stabilized though conjugation with the \(\pi\) orbitals of the carbonyl. This suggests the existence of a common reaction intermediate, formed in a slow (rate-determining step) prior to the final substitution. The carbonyl compounds' relatively high acidity may be explained by the resonance In this application one equivalent of diisopropylamine is produced along with the lithium enolate, but this normally does not interfere with the enolate reactions and is easily removed from the products by washing with aqueous acid. A. Racemization and isotope exchange are due to the rapid equilibrium between chiral keto tautomers and achiral enol tautomers, as well as statistical competition between hydrogen and its deuterium isotope. This is because the negative change will be better stabilized by the greater electronegativity of the oxygen. Thus, they may act as a Brønsted

While the pK a values for alkyl C-H bonds is typically on the order of 40-50, pK a values for these alpha hydrogens is more on the order of 19-20. Consequently, on heating with aqueous solutions of strong acids or bases, many α, β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds fragment into smaller aldehyde or ketones, a process known as the retro-aldol reaction.

To understand this puzzle we need to examine plausible mechanisms for beta-elimination, and these will be displayed by clicking the "Beta-Elimination Mechanism" button under the diagram. The following abbreviated formulas illustrate the possible products in such a case, red letters representing the acceptor component and blue the donor. Although the hampster concentration in the annex is small relative to the whole population, it will not be long before all the hampsters are dyed red. Mixed Aldol Condensations The previous examples of aldol reactions and condensations used a common reactant as both the enolic donor and the electrophilic acceptor. Of the two resonance structures of the enolate ion the one which places the negative charge on the oxygen is the most stable. Have questions or comments? Only one of the two aldol products can undergo a beta-elimination of water, so the eventual isolated product comes from that reaction sequence. From previous knowledge and experience, we surmise that the common intermediate is an enol tautomer of the carbonyl reactant. Why are the protons adjacent to carbonyl groups acidic ? Missed the LibreFest? The first two employ the versatile strong base LDA, which is the reagent of choice for most intermolecular alkylations of simple carbonyl compounds. Acidity of a-Hydrogens. This resembles closely the first step in the addition of acids and other electrophiles to alkenes.


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