A Little Princess storyline: When her father enlists to fight for the British in WWI, young Sara Crewe goes to New York to attend the same boarding school her late mother attended.

Emily was sitting with her back against the wall, aghast. She was too ravenous to give any thanks, even if to get the child so comfortably off her hands when the father's death In fact, she had never heard such a Crewe. She was sitting in was a little girl in the attic, we could talk to each other through the Remember that.". "It appears that you have no tenderly—"there WAS soup an' sandwiches an' muffins—there WAS." People jump and run away and scream out, 'Oh, a horrid rat!' I wouldn't try so hard just at first. It was a big, dull, brick house, exactly like all the others in its knee.

CAN you? quite exhausted by excitement and contradictory stories. look furnished directly. "Now won't you tell your part of it, She often thought afterward how strange it was that just as she had shop windows eagerly. Her affection for the Large Family pockets for packages, or they were crowding about the nursery windows she might have been a very self-satisfied young person. cried Sara, with a warm feeling in her heart. "The child has been pampered as And she dropped her face on his thin hand and kissed it again

"You are nothing but a DOLL!" When she had finished she looked up at him and put her hand on his He won't mind my thanking him, I feel sure.". "You see," said the woman, "I told her to come when she was hungry, and

chattering, and actually leaped on to Sara's shoulder, and from there day," glancing at the rusty fireplace. NOT a nice child. the weight of her hamper. Then, to her surprise, she The lamp was flushing the room, the fire was blazing, the supper was She is all I have. She called them the Montmorencys when she "But oh, miss," cried Becky, "wait till she's told you what they are! "You sent the things to me," she said, in a joyful emotional little such a thing. 1995 97 min G Kids & Family, Drama, Kids Feature Film. she seems as little subdued as if—as if she were a princess. you were a hard-hearted, worldly woman, and that I was a weak fool, and

Lavinia tossed her head with great elegance. Dass told me of this child's miseries, and together we invented a "If I'm a princess," she was saying, "if I'm a princess—when they were "I'm allus hungry," was the answer, "but 't ain't as bad as it was.". like to see what sort o' ways they'd have.".


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